10 first things every Motorola Moto G Fast owner should do

The Motorola Moto G Fast is one of the newest budget-friendly smartphones from Motorola. The device looks incredible and has quite a bit to offer. If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance that you’ve already made up your mind about the phone and have purchased it already. If you’re still wondering if you should buy this phone, be sure to check out our Motorola Moto G Fast review and Moto G Fast Camera Test. Honestly, the $200 Moto G  Fast is a device we recommend.

Motorola Moto G Fast Review: ‘budget’ isn’t a bad word

For those who already have the device (or have one of the way), we’ve put together a list of 10 first things you should definitely do with the Motorola moto G Fast to get the best experience out of the phone. If you have any additional recommendations, feel free to drop them in the comments.

Set up Moto Actions

Moto Actions have been around for more than half a decade now, giving users the ability to physically manipulate their phone to open apps, launch the camera turn on the flashlight and much more.

To turn on Moto Actions, go to the App drawer > Moto app and select the Moto Actions card. From here you’re able to toggle all the various Moto Actions on or off. There are 8 built-in Moto Actions to choose from and most of them work great, but there may be a few that you may want to disable based on the way you use your phone.

Set up fingerprint unlock

The Moto G Fast will prompt you to set up your fingerprint to unlock your device during the phone’s setup process. If you happened to skip it during the initial setup, you can do it later by going to Settings > Security > Fingerprint. 

If you don’t already have a PIN, Pattern or Password set up, you’ll need to choose which of the three to pair with your fingerprint. Follow the on-screen instruction and the phone will walk you through how to set up your secure fingerprint to unlock your Moto G Fast.

Disable “Hello Moto” startup sound

The first time you turn on the phone, you’ll likely recognize the classic “Hello Moto” audio during the startup animation. While we love this classic touch, the phone will play it every time the phone turns on, which can get pretty annoying if your volume is all the way up and your device just happens to reboot in the middle of the night.

Fortunately, your can turn off the sound on the Motorola moto G Fast by going to Settings > Sound > Advanced > Power on sounds and toggle it off.

Protect your phone with a case

The Motorola Moto G Fast may be a cheap phone at $200, but we still recommend getting a case for the phone to ensure that it stays in pristine condition. There are dozens of Moto G Fast cases on Amazon, most of which are under $10!

Set up do not disturb

Do Not Disturb is one of Android best features due to the extra customization Google added with the Pie update. Go to Settings > Sound > Do Not Disturb to view the various options, rules and schedules! Custom schedules for different days can be created to match your weekly schedule. You can set it to block pop-ups, status bar icons, or even hide notifications altogether. I personally have it shut off pop-ups and the notification light.

Expand the phone’s storage

Since the Motorola Moto G Fast is a budget device, it doesn’t come with a whole lot of internal storage. After installing your favorite apps and a few games, you’ll likely only have a few GB of storage remaining for your photo and video files you capture with the device.

Fortunately, the Moto G Fast comes with a microSD card slot with support for an additional 2TB of external storage. While 2TB microSD cards aren’t yet on the market, you can buy a 1TB microSD card from SanDisk, which will roughly cost the same as the phone. Honestly, we recommend going with smaller options (254GB seems to be the sweet spot these days) since they are a lot cheaper.

Choose gesture or on-screen navigation

Android now offers gesture navigation controls as an option if you’re looking to move away from the traditional 3-button on-screen navigation system that Android has been using for years now. The Motorola Moto G Fast allows you to choose your navigation style during the phone’s setup process, but you can also change it after the fact by going to Settings > System > Gestures > System navigation and choose between Gesture navigation and 3-button navigation.

There are a lot of people who love the new gesture navigation system built into Android, but there’s nothing wrong if you want to stick with the older 3-button navigation that you’re already used to.

Turn on dark mode

If you’re not a fan of the bright white screen in all your apps or the phone’s menu systems, you can turn on Dark Mode on the Moto G Fast. Not only will this setting allow you to more comfortably view your phone’s screen at night or in dark rooms, but it’ll also help your phone’s battery last a bit longer.

To make the switch, open Settings > Display > Dark Theme and toggle the option on.

Turn on Peek Display

Motorola’s classic Peek Display option is available on the G Fast, giving you the ability to see what notifications have come in without needing to turn the screen on and unlock the device.

To turn on Peek Display, to go App drawer > Moto App > Peek Display switch toggle on. There are plenty of settings to customize apps that you want to use with the feature and level of details shown with each notification.

Turn off the Google Feed

The Google Feed is a great addition to the launcher of your phone if you don’t mind Google keeping track of your browsing and search history and suggestion news stories that the algorithm feels will be interesting to you.

But if you don’t want the feature, you can always turn it off by long-pressing any empty space on the home screen and selecting Home Settings > Swipe Access > Nothing to disable the Google Feed.

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