11 Best Quiz Games For Android

Jeopardy is a Classic choice Easy gameplay, customizable avatar, easy to follow instructions. And you can turn off the annoying music if it gets to be too much. Some of the categories come up repeatedly no matter which level you are playing at. I realize there can’t be infinite questions but they seem to come up fairly often.

2. Quizup

Great game! I like the design and questions. It would be great to use the tablet in landscape or 180°, when charging… And it is possible to remove ads permanently. It’s cheaper too to get ads-free app.

Hundreds of thousands of exciting questions. You can create your own questions in the Factory with over 20 game languages. Chat with your opponents option and Collectable card collection and plenty more.

Fun game but also tests your brain to realize just how much you do know. It is especially good for the “mature” mind. You realize you are really not old and the brain still has a lot of memory. It makes you feel good! Super fun so far is no repeat questions. Tons of categories.

5. Quizoid

One of the best out there, great variety of questions, auto-update and offline mode available. Light on the phone’s resources, simple and efficient layout, category-wise scoring, tough yet addictive.

6. Quiz – Logo game

Great fun! Addictive. I love this game. Plays great. Ads are mostly along the bottom of my tablet. Once in a while you’ll get one that is full screen. No big deal, just X out. Better than the other logo game app I have. I like being able to see the letters you may need. It helps. Great choice of hints with 5 or 6 options. It gives you a good amount of points to use for hints. Tip : start a new day and get bonus points. Getting hints and guessing incorrectly will suck up your “coins”.

7. Guess The Song

I love music and I love this game! Many categories to pick from and the actual music to listen to! Great fun!

8. Food Quiz

Its so much fun. Its something that you can do if you’re bored. It doesn’t need any wifi and it doesn’t waste that much battery. I absolutely love it!

9. True or False: Quiz Battle

Get ready for the definitive quiz game! Take on exciting knowledge duels and get your fix of trivia fun! Play 1000’s of astounding questions in 15 categories! The best of both worlds – True or False meets Multiple Choice! 4 rounds of great Multiple Choice questions are followed by a bonus round of crazy True or False facts where it’s all to play for!

10. Trivia Quiz

Trivia Quiz is the ultimate trivia game to test your knowledge on pop culture. See how many pictures you can guess and challenge your friends by seeing who can solve the most pics. Trivia Quiz is one of the biggest and best trivia games around. Moreover, it offers a great user experience; it’s fun for all ages and it’s family friendly.

11. Trivia Crack Kingdoms

I play this game everyday! This and regular trivia crack are my favorites. What I like about this one is when you win you get up to seven coins depending on how well you did and the score. On regular you get only three. The only thing is, some of the newer channels where there are only a few questions, they’re a bunch of questions that have been submitted and rated for months, and still there are no new questions in play that makes no sense.

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