12 Best Android Games Of 2016 (Till Now)

12 Best Android Games Of 2016 (Till Now)

There are actually good android games out there, but you must be tired of drudging through endless shovel ware games just to find a good one.People look for android RTS, flight sims, platformers, and probably a few other categories and sure, some of the games found aren’t bad, but they’re nothing to rave about, but still, i know there are games you could really enjoy.

If you have no rigid preferences for what you’re looking for, here are some top 12 android games you’d love to play :-

Here are 12 selective and amazing games piled up for you :

1.Minecraft PE

Yeah, it’s Minecraft. Needs no introduction.

2. Exiles:

Far Colony – now known as Exiles: Zero or something. Open world RPG by Crescent Moon Games, pretty decent. Graphics/campaign leave a little to be desired, but it’s not bad.

3. CounterSpy

2D/3D platforming third-person shooter. It’s good, very good.

4. Star Wars: KoToR

It’s a Star Wars RPG and free on Amazon Underground. Get it.

5. Star Command

I’d say it’s similar to how FTL plays (ship management wise). Interesting little game, I think it’s worth a play-through.

6. SimpleRockets/SimplePlanes

Physics simulators. Rockets is like 2D Kerbal Space Program, Planes is a 3D flight “sim”.

7. Aralon: Forge and Flame

Newest one, Very positive reviews and probably as close to Skyrim on your phone as we’re getting.

8. Soul Unleashed RPG

It’s an RPG and rather unique in how it plays. I haven’t seen anything else like it so I can’t compare it to something else. Free Lite version if you want to test it out.

9. The Dark Knight Rises

Open world Batman game. Closest you’ll get to Arkham City on your phone as of now.

10. Shadowrun: Dragonfall

A very deep RPG. I highly recommend it (first level on easy mode whipped my ass, haven’t come back since). Note: There is another Shadowrun game, but this Dragonfall is a must play.

11. Battlestation: Harbinger

Rogue-like game, sort of similar to FTL’s galaxy system. Key word; sort of. It’s pretty fun.

12. Ravensword: Shadowlands

Another 3D open world RPG. No voice acting at all, kind of dated graphics. It’s decent, not amazing but it’s good when there’s nothing else.

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Honorary mention : Anomaly Warzone Series – Counter-tower offense and one tower defense in the series. Excellent graphics, pretty good story, and decent permissions. Hard mode can and will kick your ass.


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