15 Must Play Action games for iOS

1.The Walking Dead – if you’re interested in emotionally story driven games at all, get this on whatever platform you can play it on. Never before has a video game affected me so emotionally as this one did.

2. Frozen Synapse – more multiplayer turn based tactics – except this time turns play out simultaneously. If you’re familiar with the old Maxis classic Robosport, that is exactly what this game is, it’s nearly identical in every way.

3. Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery EP – sort of a modern take on classic point and click games. Amazing  Highly recommend this one.

4. New World Colony – multiplayer turn based strategy game similar to Catan. This is an excellent game if you think you can reliably get a few friends to play with you. If not, you might want to pass on this one.


5. Spaceward Ho! – turn based strategy. Build up a massive interstellar fleet of shark headed dreadnaughts and crush your opponents. Or squids. You can also build squids. And eat your opponents. Or your own people. Hee-ya!

6. FTL: Faster Than Light – sort of a rogue-like / adventure game. Lots of resource management, unforgiving difficult gameplay, just all around crazy fun. Outfit your starship, recruit a diverse crew, traverse the galaxy and stop the rebels!

7. Out There – conceptually this is sort of similar to FTL but it focuses much more on the exploration aspect as opposed to the combat aspect of FTL. It’s probably safe to say that if you like FTL there’s a reasonably good chance you may enjoy this as well.

8. Wayward Souls – procedurally generated levels wrapped around an action-adventure rogue-like that sort of plays like the bastard child of an old school JRPG and Gauntlet. It’s as awesome as it sounds.

9. Shadowrun Returns – turn-based tactical RPG set in a cyberpunk world with a great noir storyline. Seriously one of the best games iOS has to offer. Fair warning: there are numerous reports of this game not playing nice with older model iPads (lots of crashes and lost progress) – I’ve been playing on an iPad 3 (“new iPad”) without incident, but earlier models apparently have a hard time with this game.

10. Oceanhorn – this one is sort of like Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. It’s one of those rare “AAA” experiences to be found on iOS (XCOM being another). It plays well, looks great, gets frequent updates from the developer (recent 60fps update), and has absolutely no IAPs. This is definitely one worthy of supporting.

11. The Wolf Among Us – by the same developers as The Walking Dead (first one on this list), this game plays very similarly but takes place in a very different world. I haven’t yet completed the first season, but I’m far enough along that I feel confident recommending this to anyone that enjoyed The Walking Dead season 1.

12. XCOM: Enemy Unknown – more turn based tactics. This one is a pretty faithful port of the console / PC game. It’s a beautifully done port too – it makes the transition to tablet controls flawlessly. I highly recommend this one.

13. Skulls of the Shogun – turn-based strategy / tactics supporting both single and multiplayer. This is a really great game polished to near perfection. I highly recommend this one to anyone even remotely interested.

14. Super KO Boxing 2 – the next best thing to Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! This is basically a modern take / knock-off of the old Nintendo classic. It looks great and plays very well on a touch screen, I’m actually surprised there aren’t more clones of this in the App Store.

15. Sword of Fargoal – classic retro rogue-like with procedurally generated dungeons. Very simple yet endlessly entertaining game.

Based on the length of the experience rather than the depth and quality of said experience I would advise you to stay clear of this one as it can be completed start to finish in two hours (under an hour even, if you’re speedy). For more details about games and apps, follow us at http://unanimoustech.com/expertise.php

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