3 Tips for a Successful On-Demand Doctor App Development

Smartphones are simplifying the on demand service sector from hailing cabs to ailing health. Digital health resources are fundamentally changing how people navigate the health system through apps. There are apps like Zocdoc, Doctolib, Tytocare, that have made it possible to access care from anywhere at any time and help remove barriers to care. So, if you are thinking to transform the telehealth and medicine industry with your healthcare app, here are 3 tips that you should keep in mind for on demand doctor app development.

About 25% of emergency room visits involve conditions that could be addressed with a virtual visit. Why not take this data seriously and put it into practical use?

Technological advancement in the form of doctor finder app, apps for doctor appointments has eliminated many challenges faced by the healthcare sector. Whether it is organizing a doctor’s schedule or managing shifts, a large database of patients with their health records, timely consultation, 24*7 availability of specialists, everything is available just a tap away. 

If you are planning to enter the mhealth industry, it is very much essential for you to know the global statistics of the market. So, our expert app consultant at Space-O Technologies has studied some important statistics which will show you the scope of mobile app for the healthcare genre. 

Health Industry Statistics

  • The estimated growth of the global mobile health market revenue has reached 35 billion dollars in 2019.

mhealth market

  • The projected annual growth rate (CAGR) of the digital health market is said to grow by 41%.

on demand doctor app development

Healthcare mobile app is recognized as one of the growing niches in which medical professionals like you have ample opportunity to explore. We at Space-O Technologies have developed many healthcare and medical apps. So, we have curated these tips after studying the exact problems you might face while designing features and functionalities of your online healthcare app.

Don’t Miss Out On These 3 Tips for a Successful On Demand Doctor App Development

#1 Analyse your appointment chatbots and curate the search filter to find the doctors easily

In the era of on demand app services, no one is ready to wait. Whether it is buying medicine or a doctor’s appointment no one wants to get into a queue or converse for hours over a call. 

Through your Uber for doctors, you can enable patients to book appointments with the doctor in conversational easy steps. Include a messaging chatbot in your telehealth app, which will check the calendar and help patients with available slots booking. 

on demand doctor app development

Our bot developers use Chat SDK and ChatBot development Kit that benefits in third-party business and service in interaction and communication. We are developing ChatBot for every industry as it boosts customer engagement, enhances customer experience, saves huge cost of mobile app development. 

To be among the best doctor app development, curate your search filter according to the doctors and their designated specialist field. You can also set the filter as per their availability. From accessing health care to managing the claims, digital solutions are making things easy for you providers and the patients. 

#2 Inclusion of technological advancement in the form of live consultation and voice assistance

Being a leading mobile app development company, we are constantly evolving in the technological advancement field. The app world is becoming more convenient with machine learning, artificial intelligence, wearable devices with voice assistance. And so are the app developers in our firm, we offer solutions like electronic medical rewards software (EHR), hospital information management system. 

 Now coming to the on demand telemedicine and telehealth apps, it is very much important to allow Siri, Cortana, Alexa, to integrate with the app for the patients to talk to a doctor or schedule appointments through a voice command. Integrating such technological advancement, your on demand doctor app development can engage more users and speed appointment & consultancy procedure.

With live consultation, a user can easily rely on and trust the app’s facilities. The virtual assistance lets the doctor see the patient and examine him properly. The patients can also understand the doctor’s prescription and can avoid unnecessary tension. 

#3 Involve the patient’s family and share the lab reports through a real-time scanner

The on demand doctor app development has to have an ‘add family’ functionality. This keeps the family informed about the client’s progress. The real-time scan and upload of the lab reports in the app help both the parties in keeping a track of the patient. 

Such a doctor on demand app will be able to avoid communication mishaps. This solution may sound basic, but it is powerful to include while creating an on-demand doctors app in order to provide something useful to your users.

Before ending the blog let’s dive into some important features for on demand doctor app development.

Features of On Demand Doctor App Development

  • User signups
  • Create a profile of the doctor
  • Search filter for available doctors 
  • Appointment booking and scheduling
  • Voice assistants
  • Live consultation with the doctor
  • Geolocation to reach doctor’s clinic for future aspects
  • In-app payment gateway integration


Well, mHealth apps provide fast and convenient access to patients across the globe where doctors do not need a full physical examination of patients. If you, as a medical professional, are planning to build video-based on demand doctor app like Zocdoc, Doctolib, then you need to keep the above-mentioned tips in your mind during app development. 

Till now, if you are having any doctor app idea regarding on demand doctor app development or how much does it cost to create telemedicine app, healthcare and wellness solutions, you can discuss with us.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion related to on-demand doctor app, just fill-up the contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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