3 Ways to Grow Your Flower Delivery Business With App like Uber for Flowers

On demand delivery app genre is growing rapidly. With last-minute delivery criteria, the service industry is experiencing a booming trend in online delivery. One of such genres which we came across is “Uber for flowers”. According to a recent news UrbanStems, an app like Uber for flowers caught our attention when it raised $12M Series B funding to expand its flower business. So, we had a quick conversation with one of our on-demand app consultants to discuss different ways to grow flower gifting business.

Uber’s on demand app success and rise of being the highest privately funded company of Silicon Valley has opened genres for  “Uber of Everything” or “Uber for X.” With such creative accessibility, a brick-mortar business like yours can easily reach the demand and supply phenomenon along with the right target audience.

Being a flower delivery startup, it is essential for you to step into the online flower delivery category. It will help you eliminate your labor cost, flowers inventory management, the itinerary for flowers, purchase transactions, business invoices. With the help of Uber delivery app for flowers, your business can attract the consumer’s demands and can retain your customers, just in a flash. Before moving to the 3 ways to grow your flower delivery service, have a look at the industrial stats, facts, and best flower delivery app fundings.

To remain updated with the market app trends, we keep track of recent statistics related to different app genres. Recently, we came across an app like Uber for flowers stats & facts. Here’s what we found for your flower delivery startup, which will help you in decision-making for on demand app solutions.

  • In the U.S.A, the retail flower market is an $18B enterprise, growing at a CAGR of around 6% during 2017-2023. Such an increase in the floral market is resulting in a sustainable floral gifting genre.
  • The best flower apps like Bouqs, Farmgirl flowers, UrbanStems are raising the funds to expand their online floral delivery services. The Bouqs app (USA) is valued at $43.1m venture capital and UrbanStems (USA) is valued at $27.2m. By raising such huge funds, the flower apps are revolutionizing with new services like next-day logistics with fresh flower trends.

Now, let’s head towards the 3 ways to your flower delivery business online. Consider these ways while developing your on demand flower delivery app.

3 Simple Ways From Our Mobile App Experts to Develop an App Like Uber for Flowers

#1 Package delivery through bikes

Being in the flower delivery business, the sole purpose of your firm is to provide your clients with instant delivery and fresh flowers. The courier delivery app like Uber for flowers can make your functioning very easy. Let’s understand a few offerings of such Uber delivery apps.

By creating a mobile app for flowers, you will be able to handle your deliveries on time and track their delivery status. You must be getting complaints of broken flowers, or fewer petals or bouquet broke during transit. 

Being a flower delivery startup, you can easily get a hold of the loopholes. Constant tracking, photo of the flowers from the point of pickup to delivery. There is no miscommunication or misguidance when a map is integrated into your delivery app.

app like Uber for flowers

The Uber for courier has brought the concept of last-minute deliveries. For instance, the Bouqs app for flowers makes the delivery in 30 minutes by a bicycle or bike. It provides flower delivery same day. The instant courier service helps in timely package deliveries and is the best fleet management solution for your business.

You can hire employees or can do a third party delivery across the country. Through Gig economy, an individual can be a part of your flower delivery service and can earn money according to the deliveries made by him. Both can earn their share of profits, and the individual can function flexibly on his terms. You can go for a tie-up with such freelancers or students looking for part-time jobs. This will help you in delivering flowers on demand and be the local flower delivery king of your specific vicinity.

#2 Enter the gifting market with partnership

Nowadays, everything is accessible through mobile apps. It is very much essential for you to build an online brand identity and market yourself digitally. People have quicker access to the internet and social networks than traditional marketing means. 

For better online flower delivery solution, you will have to expand your business in other similar genres along with great affiliated partnerships. For instance, the UrbanStems app has recently partnered with Vogue to enter in the gifting app genre. With an idea of “flower work for every occasion” the app is also expanding beyond flowers & plants by offering curated gift boxes. 

Such affiliation opens more genres in the app world. Your app can include customized gift packages, discounts, flower sale alerts, and can engage the audience frequently through app development. It reduces the pain of designing and distributing sales pamphlets, paid newspaper ads, and hoardings outside the firm. You can reach the “N” number of audience at a time just by a notification feature that you can consider during customized mobile app development. 

#3 Online customized bouquets

What if a customer is very specific about his bouquet or the gift packaging? 

It is not possible to get into every customer’s shoes to understand his requirement, the customized design feature in your app like Uber for flowers helps to know your customers likes and dislikes. 

Allow your customers to choose box patterns, basket for bouquets, types of flowers & leaves, the number of flowers, scented or natural fragrance, you can make the selection as specific as you want. Through on demand flower delivery app, you can match your customer’s desired outcome.

Through payment gateway integration, customers can also get an idea about the pricing of the customized bouquets. You can manage your customer transactions via Braintree, Paypal, and Stripe. Some of the trustworthy gateways for secured online in-app payments.

The Bottom Line

The app like Uber for flowers has a lot of scopes online with apt app features. So, we discussed with one of our app developers from the iOS app development department, who has curated some important features for your flower delivery app startup.

  • Search filters
  • GPS navigation map
  • Wish list
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Customized design questionnaire
  • Push notifications

Uber for flowers like app

To discuss more such features and flower delivery app idea with our expert app consultant, get in touch with us as we are leading app development company in India and have developed over 3500 mobile apps and out of which 54 are Uber like apps. 

For any query regarding delivery apps development cost, app like Uber for flowers, flower delivery app development timeline, or if you have an idea related to a platform for florsits connecting customers just as the food delivery app like Postmates, fill our contact us form with your requirements. Our sales representatives will consult you shortly, with an apt mobile app design and development idea. 

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