4 Lessons to Learn Before Investing in Online Shopping App Development

With the mobility infrastructure becoming cheaper, mobile phones have given the power to customers to shop from anywhere, anytime. Being in the E-commerce industry, it is essential for you to provide your customers with a systematic and user-friendly experience from ordering an item to dropping at their doorsteps. This is possible with the integration of an m-commerce app solution or we can say an online shopping app solution that makes it easier for customers to make orders, track whereabouts of products, online payments, and admin can manage the entire business. To invest in online shopping app development like Club factory, have a look at these 3 lessons of Club Factory app that raised $100M in funding.

Mobile commerce entails retail, travel, advertising, payments, and more. With the rapid demand and usage of mobile internet, right from product discovery to the purchase, mobile phones have become the major channel a customer uses.

The mobile app world is driving Gen Z, there are 85% of consumers who prefer a mobile application over a mobile website. 

E-commerce mobile apps are exponentially growing and will be standard for the mass market in a few years. One of our app consultants, at Space-O Technologies, has monitored some statistics related to the E-commerce industry, which will help you to know the future scope and business opportunities digitally.

E-Commerce Industry Statistics

  • E-retail revenues amounted to 3.53 trillion US dollars and e-retail revenues are projected to grow to 6.54 trillion US dollars in 2022.

online shopping app development

  • As per the recent statista report, 57% of global internet users had purchased fashion-related products through the internet.
  • There were a total of 258.9million digital buyers in the U.S.A in 2018 and this figure is expected to increase to over 307million buyers in 2023. 

The online shopping app industry has some major business goals for you retail e-commerce startups. A plunge into the deep sea of opportunities will give you your share of brand awareness, goodwill, and market revenue as obtained by Club Factory.

Talking about the most popular eCommerce platform, Club Factory, a Chinese e-commerce platform that sells fashion and beauty items and electronics accessories, has raised $100M new financing round, Series D, according to the TechCrunch news. The funding was led by Qiming Venture Partners, Bertelsmann, IDG Capital “and other Fortune 500 companies from the U.S. and Asia. The app currently has 70million users and more than 1,000, 000 products that one can choose from multiple categories. 

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Now, after such a rise in the funds, of course, there will be curiosity in your head about learning some lessons from the social shopping app. Let’s dive into the lessons that you as eCommerce startup or eCommerce business should consider for your online shopping app like Club Factory.

4 Lessons to Learn From Club Factory (Top eCommerce Platform That Raised $100M in Funding) Before Investing in Online Shopping App Development 

#1 Advanced navigation and search functions

The most important lesson to learn from the Club Factory app is –  intuitive user-friendly experience. When you plan to invest in eCommerce app development, make sure that your online store or app must be set-up in such a way that makes it easier for the users to shop than going to a brick and mortar shop. 

The UI/UX design plays a major role when we are talking about the app navigation. Your shopping app solution should offer a clear cut, intuitive flow to online shoppers to follow. Provide your targeted audience with a filtered search itinerary wherein they can find the things that they want, browse things they may be interested in. 

The placement of the ‘search bar’ should be well thought and placed in the app. ‘Suggestive items’ will add as leverage to your app’s search functionality. It will be an easy option for the online shoppers to directly access the product, at the very first tap in your online shopping app. 

#2 Detailed product description along with superior photos & image options

The second most important lesson is to provide accurate information about all the products or items. People usually tend to get confused between many items, thus, make their lives easy without playing any brainstorming games. You can provide them with apt knowledge of the product through your online shopping app.

Such detailed information, with superior photos, lets them rely on the quality of the product online. You can also include the zoom-in zoom-out features to see the detailing of the item through your shopping mobile app. A 360° view of the product, with QC passing standards builds trust and will also make your products highly qualitative in the eyes of an online shopaholic.

 #3 Free shipping on everything

The online shopping app should have some perks in the form of discounts, coupons, and free deliveries. Online users appreciate such an effort from E-commerce businesses. The word “free” will automatically engage more users in your mcommerce app. 

online shopping app development

Image Credit: Club Factory

So, when you are planning to conquer online shopping genre with competitor apps like Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and other successful brands, you have to be outstanding in providing free delivery and fleet management solution. Do not keep your customers waiting for a long time, let your product reach in a stipulated time period. 

#4 Fast user checkout option

Who would like to search for payment and checkout options once they have found their desired product?

No one will roam in the app once they are done shopping, they will always look for an instant logout or checkout option. Being in the ever-growing online shopping app world, retaining online users is a whole new agenda to be taken care of. Do not confuse your users once they add the product to the cart or proceed for payment. Make their checkout process easy by providing the payment and logout option throughout their app navigation.

This will make quick purchases, increase user retainment, and will create a sense of satisfaction as they will experience instinctive checkouts. You should also integrate a multi-currency payment option, as your online network will grow fast, then you actually think in this shopping industry. 

Before ending the blog, we have specifically curated some innovative ideas that can be implemented in the app, for better user experience and stay ahead in the ecommerce industry.

Latest Technologies to Consider For Online Shopping App Development

  • Image recognition technology: Any user who is interested in buying something can click a picture of the product, with the brand name if required, and can search through that. When a match is found, based on the brand, material, color and a product itself, the results are shown and the user can favorite it or buy it.
  • Location-based mobile marketing: If your shop has not reached the Amazon level, it makes sense to make a location-based eCommerce app. This will help your consumers to buy online as well as can also engage in the shop. GPS and Beacons technology will encourage your online presence to the targeted audience.
  • Moving from typical search to visual search: A visual search medium relies on responses based on the color, neckline, pattern, length (in case of a dress) to define the dress style and pattern you may want to wear.

Such technological advancement can definitely leverage your app design and development than others present in this genre.

Bottom Line

Well, after going through these important lessons, it is safe to say that the craze of online shopping is going to remain across the world. And, it will remain a popular choice for businesses and investments.

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