4 Salient Features to Develop On Demand Delivery App Like Roadie

Are you running an on-demand delivery startup that you want to expand and grow like Roadie, last-minute delivery or same-day delivery service provider? Then, you have landed in the right place. This blog contains 4 most important features that discussed and suggested by our on-demand app consultant. Being an owner of the on-demand delivery business, if you want to get success like Roadie, on demand delivery app, don’t overlook these 4 features while developing your Uber for courier delivery app.

There is more to the on demand delivery segment than just sending books and batteries. After the inception of mobile apps, it is possible for a person to send a small cupcake to a big couch with some mere taps to obtain on-the-way delivery service. 

Being among the top mobile app development companies, we observed an interesting trend in the mobile app world connecting the package delivery startups and delivery apps. According to our keen study on delivery service apps, we saw a stable growth going hand-in-hand with both the markets. With the advent of delivery service apps, the package delivery market got a good stable platform.

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Currently, one of the delivery apps that is trending with “apps that deliver anything to you” phrase is Roadie app. This app has managed to deliver all possible items from medicines to the construction manager’s HVAC parts before the workers conclude their work for the day.

Let’s dive into the top features of the Roadie app that are engaging users and making app’s functionality more relevant and user-friendly.

4 Salient Features Need to be Integrated into On Demand Delivery App Like Roadie

#1 Integrate the in-app Gig details

Being in the courier delivery business, it is very important to provide parcel delivery convenience to your customers. The gig details are specifically designed to meet the customer’s requirement. It consists of driver’s pay, minutes to deliver, size of the item, preferred vehicle for transport. 

Such curated specification is ideal for customers to understand the company’s transportation requirements and assurance of their parcel delivery at their selected destination. Also, you can include a Gig estimator that shows no hidden fees or surcharges, no weighing or measuring, no expensive packaging required. 

Advanced Feature: Our app like Uber expert has suggested integrating a “match the driver” feature in your package delivery app. It allows your users to select a pre-qualified driver for their delivery. This builds a trustworthy relationship between your users and business and strong brand identity in the market.

#2 Maps & real-time tracking

The traditional courier delivery services started online tracking parcel service but without a map integration.

Now, if you integrate a map, it enables real-time tracking of a customer’s item and is beneficial for both parties. The last-minute courier delivery services remain intact in functioning only when they have an efficient GPS tracker. It never ends up in a late delivery (natural calamity is an exception), the drivers cannot escape from their duties, you as an owner of the on-demand startup can keep a check of their route. A database is also maintained in the pickup service app. 

Being an on-demand delivery startup, this is an important point for your last-mile delivery services. Your delivery app will get an apt user engagement by such a map integration.

#3 Personalized pick-up and delivery

The main aim of your business in this competitive Uber for package delivery is to provide same-day delivery. To become the best delivery app, provide your users with personalized pickup and drop delivery app solutions.

Let them enter information manually from point A to B so that there is no misguidance or miscommunication possible through the app. ‌On-the-way delivery accuracy is highly dependent on the customer’s input data. Show their point A to B in the map, so that the distance is calculated efficiently accompanied by transport fares.

#4 Drivers can earn more money per trip

The on demand delivery apps are a huge part of the gig economy. For instance, the Roadie app provides its drivers to earn up to $60 on local Gigs, and up to $650 on long haul deliveries. This encourages drivers to be a part of the courier app industry. Who does not like a flexible working environment? Every individual prefers freelancing, and jobs on their terms.

In your on demand delivery app, integrate direct deposit into the driver’s bank account as it secures their income source. Driver functionality has to be seamlessly easy, be it income datasheet, commission table, accept/reject functionality, review or ratings.


In this busy commuting world, why would customers spend time running around town or buying packaging materials that cost as much as the delivery itself? Still, the on demand delivery industry has a number of opportunities which is growing steadily across the globe with door-to-door delivery service app.

We, at Space-O Technologies, have observed statistics that are showing revenue growth of couriers, express, and parcel (CEP), by region. By 2025, North America CEP market is expected to generate 105 billion euros in revenue by growing at a compound annual growth rate of five percent.

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Image Credit:statista.com

With the ever-increasing economic trends, the standard of living eventually increases. Thus, the era of the gig economy and instant delivery apps are here to stay for a long time. The former will help earn more revenue and the latter will make the daily functionalities easy for humans to perform. 

Looking at these numbers, if you have made up your mind to develop on demand delivery app like Roadie, consult us. We are a leading on-demand app solution company and already developed over 40 on-demand app solutions, including Bevy, Ninja Delivery, and Lacy. To build trust between us, here are some of the honest reviews from our clients.

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For any further query or discussion on how to make an on demand app, cost of developing an app like Roadie, fill our “contact us” form with your requirements or queries. One of our sales representatives will get back to you shortly. In fact, he will book a free consultation with you as per the availability.

Author bio: This blog is written with the help of Ankit Shah, who has over 12 years of experience in the web and mobile app development industry. He has guided to developed over 500 mobile apps and has special expertise in On-Demand apps, Photo and Video apps and Enterprise apps. So, we took his help to write these 4 salient features to expand your on-demand delivery business through On Demand Delivery App Like Roadie.

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