5 Artificial Intelligence trends that Impact the Automotive Industry

When you heard about the role of AI in the automotive industry, the instant idea that comes to your mind is self-driving car technologies. But apart from it, it gives a lot more for this industry. The world is changing and getting smarter every day.

To give you a better idea of what could be on the horizon, experts have outlined some of the future artificial intelligence that could change your cars forever. But before that learn about what is AI and its uses.

AI stands for Artificial Intelligence and is also known as Machine Intelligence. It is an intelligence demo which is done by machine and follows the actionsrelated with human intelligence. It is a computer science that is concerned with building smart machines that are skilled of carrying out human tasks. Even in the small automotive world, the use cases of AI are large. So, It is divided into four segments with multiple uses, such as:

When you think about AI in the automotive industry, the first thing that comes to your mind is self-driving. While this thing is in your mind, many companies have to turn your thought into reality by developing self-driving cars. It is also known as Adaptive Driver Assistance System (ADAS) a level 5 autonomy.

The thought of connecting your smart gadgets with your cars was a dream but with the help of AI, it has come true. Now, you can connect your smart gadgets with your car. You just need to consider some must-have tech accessories for your car. For example, you can use your smartphone for navigation and entertainment.

Mobility as a service is different from autonomous driving. The machine learning and deep learning problems models are significantly different in it. For example, predicting the buyer’s demand, minimise the waiting time, optimising the fleet efficiency and many others. For these problems, you will require different strategies and smart algorithms in smartphone, vehicles, and cloud.

Automotive companies have looked at several different ways to increase operational efficiency. The most common smart manufacturing cases are the use of computers for anomaly detection, processing units for wasted or recycled products, and predictive maintenance.

Trends that impact the automotive industry

1. Driving features

For the safety feature of the connected vehicle, AI leads itself perfectly by powering the safety guard. There are two levels of driving features, such as:

It helps their customers, regulators and manufactures to get a comfortable drive before it gets their driving license. By its monitoring feature, it can help you in identifying the dangerous situation. In case of any emergency, it takes control of the vehicle to avoid the accident, for example, cross-traffic, braking, or blind spot. It helps in avoiding accidents and saves your life.

It was a part of friction movies, that you can see in your daily life and it is because of artificial intelligence. It is spreading at a great speed, that even tech firms have started developing the technologies related to it. Some of the companies are spending millions of dollars on the R&D of cars with better technologies. This is one of the many uses of AI in automotive industry.

2. Cloud Services

When the AI driver or driver assistant requires any kind of help, cloud services provide data in the form of helping hand. This enables the cloud platform to provide the necessary data. AI has given powers to know the needs and wants of the driver. Moreover, they know exactly what they need to do and proximity to a business that can serve them. Below, outlined are the few ways that cloud is expected to impact on your cars as you move forward.

  • Risk assessment: This might be not much for you, but this will help you in predicting how safe a driver will be on the roads. It will be based on personal and driving knowledge.
  • Predictive maintenance: The sensors present in the AI will notify you about the future damage like battery and oil. In-build AI sensors will make your life easier and comfortable.

3. Automotive insurance

The common thing between AIand insurance is the biggie. Both of them predict the future life. Both of them work together and help to make risk assessments in real-time. It also speeds up the process of claiming insurance when accidents do occur. Some examples about how AI is setting the insurance industry at buzz are:

  • DIY Auto claims: These features enable drivers to perform their auto damage assessment for their insurance companies.
  • AI-Powered driver risk assessment: This feature takes care about the history of the driver from its health issues till to a recent divorce until all the abilities they have to drive safely.

4. Car manufacturing

The AI in automobiles is not only changing the vehicle but also changing the process of manufacturing. The robots are the one who are helping in assembling the vehicles since the late 60s. The new thing about them is now they are smart enough to work like human counterparts rather than just keeping them aside. In the nearby future, they will drive for you and will be driving optimised. Their rethinking process and production will have unique ideas and innovative ways.

The robots sense the human workers working style and adjust their motions and sensors in avoiding the injury of their non-metallic co-workers. They can even paint your vehicle and do welding work. Furthermore, AI helps them to empowers the robots to identify the defects or irregularities in the vehicle, material and alert them to the manufacturing unit.

5. Driver monitoring

AI can help your cars to do more than just watching the roads. It can also help them in monitoring the driver. It installs the software detects the behaviour of the driver in four ways, such as monitoring, recognition, driver identification and infotainment control. It will use advance time-of-flight cameras and IR sensors.

  • Driver Identification: It will detect whether the driver is in the vehicle or not.
  • Driver recognition: This feature helps in detecting which driver is operating the vehicle using the AI facial recognition algorithms.
  • Driver monitoring: This feature alerts the driver to keep their eyes on the road by using the eye to detect technology. The upper body detection detects the driver’ posture.

How AI makes your car more secure

It’s time to look at the features of intelligent cars, let’s see how artificial intelligence makes you and your car more secure.

  • It will create a sense of diversity into streams.
  • It will be able to navigate and contact you.
  • It will implement a lot of sensors.
  • It will help you by updating the latest weather forecasting and traffic monitoring.
  • It will automate your cars for geo-fenced locations.
  • It will warn the drivers of possible dangers like collisions, lane departure and driving conditions.

Through AI, you will experience the new style of driving. This is possible because there are many automated technologies in AI which will enable safer and easy driving. The end developers are ready to bring the all latest technologies into the automotive industry. They are ready to design the apps and take this machine intelligence to the next level of perfection. Everyone – including late teens to elderly person can benefit from all the features of AI in automotive industry.

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