8 Must Have Apps For Office Work

Well, you must be familiar with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Sway – Office goes mobile and it being touch friendly gives it a slight edge if you’re a light weight user that just has to edit some documents or do stuff on the go. But here are the list of top 8 awesome must have apps for office work that you you must know and ease off some burdens of your office works :-

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1.NextGen Reader (Paid) : Full featured RSS reader with great live tile and options, is an universal app so it syncs with my Windows Phone.

2. Money Lover (Paid) : A money managing app that gives you weekly and monthly analyses of your spending. It syncs across devices and is very well done. Has some in-app spending, if you want to expand on it.

3. Wunderlist (Free) : Arguably the best To-Do app out there, recently bought by Microsoft itself. It works great, you can share To-Do lists, set reminders, factor in importance of the task and much more.

4. MyStudyLife (Free) : Class and assignment management app. It has several reminder options, helps me with keeping track of assignments and grades.

5. Share to Speech (Trial) – You can share any kind of document, PDF, website or even copy paste text to this app and it will read it out aloud. It is very useful if you are doing other stuff and want to consume some information from a website without having to actively read it.

6. Modern Translate (Free) – Translator app that uses Bing and Google for a more accurate translation. More so, it lets you use various input methods such as text, inking, voice and even lets you snap a picture for it to translate.

7. Share (Free) – If You want to share stuffs on social media without installingA their apps, share is for you. It creates a share protocol that gives you the option to social share from the charms options.

8. Honorary mentions :

  • For art apps : I’d add Mischief, Rebelle and (open source) Krita.
  • Plex (Free) – Windows Media Center successor. It lets you store your multimedia files and stream them to other devices. Can be used with a NAS or your daily PC. Decoding is done on your main PC.
  • I’d like to nominate Emby. I greatly prefer it over Plex. It’s cross platform and the Windows Store App is amazing, as well as the phone app. There is also a universal app in the works.
  • Poki for Pocket is another cool app. Pocket client that has an awesome design, the verge talked good about it so did other sites. Great app.
  • TouchMe Gesture Studio (Free – needs Win32 program to work fully) – Touch Pad gestures on your touch screen. That means, three finger swipes on your Surface screen pulls up the task viewer or whatever you desire.

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