Alternative to Airbnb:3 Lessons of Sonder Hospitality App Startup

With the Gig economy and California-based Airbnb, the hospitality and travel industry observed exceptional trends in accommodation and income generation. After that, we witnessed a lot of “alternative to Airbnb” like HomeAway vacation rentals. This blog is about one such Airbnb alternatives, California-based Sonder, online marketplace and hospitality service brokerage company that has become the closest Airbnb competitor. Let’s have a look at the 3 lessons from Sonder hospitality app.

Airbnb Alternatives have innovated the hospitality segment.

Who does not like to stay in a place with the reliability of a hotel, with homely characteristics and warmth? A mere idea of keeping the house ready for visitors made Airbnb a huge success and allowed Gig economy to provide job alternatives for unemployed people. Thus, the plethora of app development continues to expand the niche with a more vivid alternative to Airbnb.

Recently, one of our experts was researching on apps like Airbnb & about its trends. He came across a piece of news while surfing the internet. The San Francisco-based hospitality startup, Sonder raised $210M Series D funding and is planning to increase it at $215M over the coming weeks with the help of developers who are partnering with the Airbnb alternative. Today the company values at more than $1billion.

Being a hospitality startup, if you are planning to create an alternative to Airbnb look at the industrial statistics and the lessons of Sonder app to get a more clear idea on your Airbnb like app development.

  • The vacation rental segment amounts to US$57,669m in 2019 and is expected to show an annual growth rate of 6.4% in 2023 resulting in the market value of US$74,005.

alternative to Airbnb

  • The user penetration is also on a gradual increase, it is 4.0% in 2019 and is expected to hit 4.7% by 2023. Thus, the average revenue per user currently amounts to US$194.06.
  • A report by VRMA states that millennials are predicted to spend $1.4 trillion on travel each year by 2020.
  • The vacation rental apps are trending in New York and California. 

Airbnb alternatives

After looking at the stats of vacation rental apps let’s dive into the Sonder app and its lessons.

Sonder: Hospitality App, Alternative to Airbnb

  • The app was founded in 2014, seeing an unpleasant apartment in San Francisco. The apartment was not looking as if it was ready for visitors. From there the journey started of providing a place with reliable hotel facilities and homely warmth
  • Sonder is considered as the closest competition to Airbnb. The app is now turning its head towards real estate, as it is working more with developers to build new units and furnish them with the sole purpose of being rentals.
  • The app consists of a variety of building types from ground-up construction to adaptive reuse of historic properties. With overwhelming customization of homes, it has become the most stylish accommodation for travelers and businessmen.
  • Sonder, peer to peer accommodation has tripled its number of signed units to 8,500 spaces in over 20 cities around the world such as London, Rome, and San Francisco.

For hospitality and travel industry startup, to create successful home rental apps, keep in mind these 3 lessons from Sonder app.

3 Lessons from Sonder An Alternative to Airbnb

#1 Customized homestay experience

In this era of workaholism, an individual craves for a homeaway vacation rental, that allows him to relax and enjoy a stay at the same time. With the emergence of hotel alternatives, services like Airbnb have made this fusion possible.

Sonder - an alternative to Airbnb app

Image Credit: Sonder

The Sonder app selects, design and maintains customized properties that reflect the vibe of its neighborhood. The user can stay for two days, two months or two years, in a studio or a six-bedroom property. It promotes this service through the app with a subtle UI/UX representation which tempts the user’s attention very quickly. 

Being a hospitality app startup, make sure you give a seamless looking design to your Airbnb clone. The app is judged by its user experience and navigation, place an attractive catalog of your services like Airbnb. 

#2 Quick access to the team and on demand services

The concept of short term rental app is to give a homely vibe which immerses by providing 24/7 services. The on demand services like quick access to the building, door, wifi codes, and other homely amenities including crisp linens are a must to succeed in the hospitality segment.

The Sonder app allows users to message the team with questions or requests during their stay. They can also download their invoice directly from the app, which allows them no last-minute printout hassle.

Being an accommodation app startup, keep the basic requirements of your users as a “speed dial on the phone” in your app offerings. Thus, you will be able to engage more users and both parties will be satisfied equally.  

We are in the mobile app development business since 2010. We build apps from scratch. Recently, we made an app like Airbnb for our client in UAE, the app is named Nuzhah

Nuzhah - rental app alternative to Airbnb

Image Credit: Nuzhah

We made this app with all the user-friendly functionalities from guest login to pricing map to multilinguality. This app is a complete package for a traveler’s on demand needs. 

#3 Convenient check-in and check-out

Pick the loopholes of hotels and resorts. Avoid restricting your users by giving them “time flexibility.” Convenient check-in, check-out will make your app a viable option for the users to engage in your properties and will give your app an extra mileage than your competition. Search for those features and solutions which you can provide in a more innovative way to your users. 

So, are you ready to build an alternative to Airbnb?

The hospitality niche has various app developments which have an app like HomeAway, Airbnb, apartment finder apps, vacation rental apps. If you are having an idea to create the next big Airbnb success, you will need a tech partner like us.

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If you still have any query regarding an alternative to Airbnb, the cost of making an app like Airbnb, how much time does it take to develop an app like Airbnb, fill the form below. We will assign mobile app developers who have already developed an app like Airbnb so you can easily validate your idea or get a clear vision on what to do and what not to do. 

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