App Like Uber for Kids:3 Important Lessons of VanGo for Taxi Startups

When you land on our Uber like app development page, you will notice that we have apt experience in developing taxi apps. Check this school bus tracking app developed by us. In short, we make apps from scratch, and innovate new features for the app development genre. 

With the app like Uber economy, we are able to solve two problems with one solution i.e. employment and transportation.

Uber-like taxi apps have changed the perspective of people when it comes to hailing a cab or in general booking transport means. Being a leading mobile app development company, we explore a new niche for the taxi app genre. Our daily browsing through “n” number of app developments, new technologies, features helps us to be with timely advancements and market trends. Herein, we came across a very cool parent savior app, VanGo.

It is an app like Uber for kids that helps busy parents to safely transport their children from one place to another. We, at Space-O Technologies, came across some interesting facts:

  • According to a report from Bureau of Labor Statistics (USA), there are 97.4% of children that have atleast one working parent. 
  • 63.04% of children have both working parents. This increases the scope of the ever-expanding Uber for teens app service space. 

You can relate it better with HopSkipDrive, Zum, Kango. The VanGo app is functioning at a stretch from last 6 months, providing the best kids transportation services. We got intrigued in knowing what better does it perform than the key market players like Uber, Lyft.

VanGo – Ride Sharing App Like Uber for Kids

Vango - app like Uber for kids

Image Credit: VanGo

  • The Vango ride sharing app was founded in 2018 by Marta Jamrozik. 85% of the Uber for drivers are women. Men are also welcomed, but as of now, the majority of applicants are women.
  • The taxi app started from a large suburb area of New York City and expanded to Phoenix. Now, the app has some major expansion plans in Dallas for this summer. Recently, it expanded to Huston, its third destination to provide with kids transportation service.
  • The ride sharing app has pricing based on total time and distance. Moreover, this online taxi service is functioning for 6 months and is already providing hundreds of rides in a week, as per the company’s first market, Connecticut’s Fairfield County, with a mix of cities and suburbs. The app has been downloaded 1000 times from its inception.
  • The founder Jamrozik states that its pricing is 15% more than Uber, due to the vetting process. But parents are willing to pay the price to know their kids are safer.

As a ride sharing mobility startup or taxi solutions entrepreneur, if you are having an idea based on taxi booking app for kids, check the following important lessons, which are hard to neglect while developing an app like Uber for kids.

3 Important Lessons of VanGo App Like Uber for Kids to Consider for Developing Transport App

#1 Schedule rides in advance

In today’s fast-moving world, everyone is in a hurry to reach somewhere, whether it is a 25-year-old young lady heading in a rush to catch his office transport or a 10-15-year-old kid going for his extra classes.

There has to be a supporting taxi booking app like VanGo, which helps in transporting kids and lessens the burden of working parents.

If you are planning to create an app like Uber for kids, it is essential to integrate a “scheduling option” into the app. The VanGo app not just provides up to 4 weeks of advance taxi scheduling but also allows drivers to accept ahead of time. The users can also request one-off rides or recurring rides, depending upon their needs.

With such a facility, the app retention ratio increases. For the parents, it is like completing a carpooling task. All the worries of timely pick up or drop are taken care of by the taxi app.

#2 Community for women by women

In this flourishing “gig economy” era, the taxi application is a boon in providing jobs. When planning a ride hailing app, remember to prepare a business model profitable to the Gen Z, company, and the drivers. 

In this overpopulated world, there are many possibilities of employment recession and thus a job opportunity through your Uber clone app development can make a lot of difference in the overall economic living of the people.

The VanGo app has 85% of women drivers who are mothers too. The idea behind such app like Uber for kids is to provide rides that working parents can trust, and thus the women are recruited on the basis of their childcare experience in-parenting, teaching, nannies or babysitters. Men are also welcomed to sign up as drivers, but so far they are having women applicants opting for the kids transportation service solutions.

Such an Uber for X provides opportunities to women who are looking for part-time jobs. It also sets a good example as a women empowerment business model. The app gains goodwill and constant attraction of both users and job seekers.

#3 Vetted drivers for peace of mind

Being a transport and logistics startup, it is essential for you to hire the experienced drivers, who provide a sane transport experience for users. For instance, school bus drivers aren’t thoroughly vetted. According to a 2018 New York Daily News investigation, atleast half a dozen city drivers have criminal records.

If you have or appoint such drivers without checking their past records you may end up harming your company’s credibility. VanGo drivers are tested thoroughly from fingertip scanning to background check, driving records and reference calls. So, consider this while creating your own taxi app for kids. 

It is very important to check your driver’s interests if you are opting for taxi app genre for kids, check his experience in babysitting. Developing an app like Uber and hiring drivers for your company means to check their drink & drive records, behavioral track record, traffic sense as well.

Being a taxi app development company, we have developed over 54 Uber like apps for the app industry. We have also made over 20 unique features to contribute in the App Store and Google Play Store along with functionalities like GPS real-time tracking, payment gateway integration, online support, multi-lingual support, social media integration, in-app payments & visual calendar.


Instead of blindly trusting your own ideologies about the mobile apps, have a small chat with us. App world has a lot to offer when it comes to providing instant and engaging services digitally. There is room for every business from a small grocery store to big multinational share investment business, everyone gets their own share of attention. 

Being an Uber alternative does not mean entering a cluttered space, it has opportunities for every individual app. One great feature integration can turn your app closer to Uber’s success. With a bang on a taxi app idea, you need an experienced mobile app development company like us, who can guide you from requirement analysis to app development phase.

If you have any query regarding app like Uber for kids, how much does it cost to develop an app like Uber, mobile app development timeline to develop app like Uber or Indian app developers cost, then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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