Apple announces new AI/ML residency program

Apple has this week announced a new residency program, designed to encourage experts to apply their knowledge in building machine-learning and AI-powered products.

Michael Rennaker took to Twitter with the announcement stating:

Thrilled to announce a new program designed to help experts in applied fields build ML-powered products and experiences. Introducing the AI/ML residency program…

If you have expertise in field outside of AI, can code, and want to dip your toe into the world of Machine Learning, we’ve created this program just for you! Job postings are up, starting Summer of 2021.

Apple’s website says the program “invites experts in various fields to apply their expertise to build revolutionary machine learning and AI empowered products and experiences.”

The program lasts for one year, and is open to residents with STEM graduate degrees “or equivalent industry experience, software development backgrounds, and niche expertise — like design, linguistics, neuroscience, or psychology.”

The program is designed to invest in the resident’s technical and theoretical development in the field of machine learning and to advance their professional careers. Residents will get personalized machine learning and AI courses, an Apple mentor, opportunities to collaborate with other residents, hands-on experience with “high-impact projects” and more.

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The program begins next summer, but job openings are already available on Apple’s jobs website. Locations for the openings are Seattle, Cambridge, Zurich, Cupertino, and various locations within Germany. Applicants will need to be proficient coders with a graduate degree in a STEM field, or with equivalent experience in software engineering. You can see the full list of openings and requirements here.

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