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With the seamless development and headways in the field of software technologies, the growth and development of technologies are going on at a quicker rate. What’s more, subsequently, with time it has gotten basically imperative to watch out for android libraries and tools for Android application development

Android libraries are well-equipped with everything that is required by android app developers, for example, source codes to asset records. Other than that, it is totally dependent upon the user to request these Android libraries and instruments astutely.

Before we move on to the best android libraries that can boost the app development process, let’s know about them a little deeper:

What App Development Libraries do?

Libraries are significant advantages in the app development process, independent of platforms or stacks. With the best android libraries, we influence the endeavors of different developers to perform activities/works quicker, increasingly successful, and with lesser standard codes.

Libraries make a developer’s life simple by giving a built-up code composed by development experts. The reconciliation procedure is exceptionally straightforward if you are looking to implement some effective hacks of android app development

Essentially add the library way to build.gradle and determine it’s archive way assuming any. When you arrange, these libraries will be downloaded. 

How about we begin with the best Android libraries that can help developers assembled a superior and improved mobile application for Android users

Best Android Libraries (Category-wise)

Images accessing is one of the major features in android apps and developers need to implement libraries for deploying it. Hence, here are some of the best android libraries that can reduce the complexity of finding and accessing images from the app. Have a look at them:

  1. Glide

Glide is a picture stacking library concentrated on smooth accessing over. It guarantees picture stacking is both as quick and as smooth as conceivable by applying savvy programmed down-testing and reserving to limit stockpiling overhead and translate times. 

This android new design library additionally re-utilizes assets like byte exhibits and naturally discharges application assets where vital. At the hour of composing, Glide’s most recent variant requires a base SDK of API 14 (Android 4.0) and requires an aggregate SDK of API 26 (Android 8.0) or later. 


Picasso is another extraordinary picture library for Android. It’s made and kept up by Square, an organization that is vigorously reliant and supporter of the open-source world, that takes into account picture stacking and handling. 

By utilizing Picasso, the way toward showing pictures from outer areas is improved. Picasso underpins complex picture changes, programmed storing to plate, ImageView reusing, and download crossing out in a connector. 

There are several websites for android developers like Github, where they can find these libraries and implement them with the tools.


Retrofit is a sort of safe HTTP client for Android and Java created and kept up by Square (a similar organization that bolsters Picasso). Retrofit is the most utilized android developer library in Android development. 

In Retrofit, with just comments, you can undoubtedly include a solicitation body, control endpoints, control headers, include question boundaries, and pick demand techniques. Retrofit likewise handles parsing to POJOs (plain old Java objects) very well by utilizing converters.

android app architecture

Code debugging is one of the essential parts of android app development. In order to keep the flow of development smooth and flexible, android libraries can be implemented with the tools. Here are the best Android libraries for debugging:

  1. Chuck

Chuck is an HTTP library for Android that permits you to dive into your application’s HTTP history on your mobile. The HTTP log is shown as a notice, which you can grow to open the full Chuck UI. 

At the point when you use Chuck, your QA team will have the option to see whether an issue persists on Android or the backend side. This library is more helpful than LOGCat. 

That is on the grounds that your HTTP history perseveres regardless of whether the application is killed, while logcat now and then cleans itself after the application is restarted. 

2.RxJava and RxAndroid

RxJava is another android developer library that lets us execute responsive programming elements and, all things considered, make receptive applications. RxJava2 is an update to the previous variant of RxJava. 

To know more about mobile app responsiveness, read our blog on tips to increase mobile app response rate.

RxAndroid, then again, is an augmentation of RxJava2. It offers functionalities only exceptional to the Android platform, similar to the development of a Scheduler that plans on the principle string or any given Looper.

From UI to code customization, developers do a lot of tasks to obtain better outcomes. However, without the right android UI libraries, they can achieve success with these objectives. Here are the best android libraries that can help them:

  1. Calligraphy

Calligraphy is one of the most well-known custom android UI libraries and it is very simple to play with. This library allows developers to implement a solitary textual style over our entire application or characterize textual styles exclusively to a book. 

2.Dagger 2

Dagger2 is completely static, focused on incorporating time-saving operations for both Java and Android. It is a move up to the prior adaptation (Dagger1) made by Square that is presently kept up by Google. 

The ongoing Dagger form incorporates Android functions for better app performance. In particular, the auto-age of subcomponents utilizing another code generator. It can also be implemented with other android studio libraries.

As putting away data is more mind-boggling than simply consolidating key and worth combines, various android studio libraries have been made to do this task flexibly in Android. In this section, we will have plenty of libraries to utilize

  1. Room

Room is a constancy library which is a piece of the Android UI/UX design Components. The room gives nearby information perseverance negligible standard code. It gives a deliberation layer over SQLite, in this way making it simpler to work with databases in our application. 


DBFlow is a quick, productive, and rich Kotlin database library based on SQLite for Android. It uses explanation handling to produce SQLite standards for you and gives an incredible SQLite inquiry language that makes utilizing SQLite a delight. 

As one of the best android libraries, DBFlow possesses a mixture of the best features available in numerous database libraries. Try not to let an ORM or library impede you, let the code you write in your applications be the most ideal.

In order to incorporate the features of scanning documents or other media while creating custom Android applications, developers will need to implement some of the best android libraries.

  1. Zxing

Abbreviation for ‘Zebra Crossing’, ZXing is a standardized tag picture handling Android new design library. It is actualized in Java, having portability to top programming languages. This library additionally has support for the 1D item, 1D modern, and 2D scanner tags. 

Google likewise utilizes ZXing so as to make a great many standardized identifications indexable on the web. It additionally shapes the premise of Android’s Barcode Scanner application and is coordinated into Google Book Search and Google Product. 


This is a compelling option in contrast to the ZXing standardized identification scanner. It is an Android camera simple access library with an installed QR scanner which depends on ZXing. 

CamView library has a lot of segments (sees in basic words) which are set to be put to your format documents, permitting developers and giving quick access to- 

  1. Live see video feed from the gadget camera 
  2. Filtering scanner tags with the assistance of ZXing’s worked in disentangling motor 
  3. To play out your own camera live information handling

Media streaming and access is another major functionality that can be enhanced through the most suitable android UI libraries. To reach this objective, app developers can implement the following libraries:

  1. Android KTX

Android KTX is a lot of Kotlin expansions that wraps Android API, making it easier to use. The entire motivation behind this library is to make Android API progressively easy to utilize. 

Read about Java vs Kotlin comparison to get a deeper knowledge of libraries and functionalities.

It includes a lot of techniques and cool new features of Kotlin, for example, named boundaries, lambdas, and default boundary esteems. Android KTX is one of the major android third party libraries.


ExoPlayer is an Android media player library created by Google. It gives an option in contrast to Android’s MediaPlayer API for playing sound and video (both locally and over the web) with some additional focal points. 

ExoPlayer has the features that can blend with Android’s MediaPlayer API, similar to DASH and SmoothStreaming mobile playbacks. Perhaps it’s simple customization makes it one of the best android libraries.

It is acceptable practice to prepare tests for our applications as it encourages us to spot bugs rapidly and upgrade our application. There are various test libraries with various qualities accessible for Android development. We should investigate them:

  1. JUnit

JUnit is a structure utilized for unit testing. Unit testing is a kind of testing where singular units of the source code are tried. The structure contains a lot of declaring techniques to check a normal outcome against the genuine outcome. 


Most occasions, the classes we mean to compose tests to rely upon different classes. Designing these classes only for this reason can be furious. This is the place Mockito comes in.

It is a testing system that causes us to make and arrange mock (counterfeit) objects. That’s why it is considered as one of the top android libraries for developers.


Espresso is a test system which is a piece of the Android Testing Support Library. This test system permits us to make UI tests for our Android applications. 

This implies, with Espresso, we can compose tests that can check if the content of a TextView matches another content. Espresso tests run on both genuine gadgets and emulators and carry on as though a real user was utilizing the application.

We have perceived how libraries fundamentally lessen the measure of standard code written to perform different capacities while creating for Android. We likewise investigated how to utilize these libraries by and large. 

Knowing the best android libraries accessible out there can assist us with improving the nature of our applications and make us produce more in less time. In this way, most likely, knowing and utilizing these libraries prompts a success win circumstance.


If you are a beginner in mobile app development, you will get an abstract of how these Android libraries will help to get multiple functionalities. Moreover, this guide can help you to pick the latest and best android libraries for your project.

In case, you require professional support from Appventurez team regarding android app development, you can reach us anytime at [email protected]. Stay tuned, as we will be adding more insights about the mobile app development industry.

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