Car Rental App Development: Benefits, Key Features and Costs

August 7th, 2020 At 9:39 am

The travel industry has reached a peak nowadays whenever one wants to go out they simply search for the mode of commute such as car rental platforms. But now the digital transformation revolution has changed this by Car rental mobile app development.

You can now run this business online by launching an app for both Android and iOS users where you and other car owners can rent their cars with a single tap.

As many popular companies like Avis, Hertz, Zipcar, etc. have made amazing growth in this niche now it’s time for you to boost your growth. This blog will guide you for the same and help you to get a brief idea about the Car rental app development.

What is On-Demand Car Rental Mobile App?

The car rental app is a platform where anyone can rent a car simply from their smartphones. It allows the car owners to rent their cars as they can get some extra revenue. The user gets many options that which cars he wants from the many options and pays accordingly.

But some think that there is a great risk of renting a car but it is not true the car is insured by the insurance company. So there is no doubt about any losses about it for both users and the car owner.

Since the online market is growing rapidly, It’s a great to time to start planning for your app ideas.  According to the Statista car rentals report, the revenue of the car rentals business is expected to reach US$105,285m by 2024.

Benefits of the car rental app

  • The car rental app engages and connects with your customer in real-time.
  • You can manage the car renting business from a single platform.
  • Enhances business perceptibility.
  • You can keep a check on your competitors.
  • The customer data collection made easy.
  • Integrated payment procedure.
  • High convenience for the users.

Car rental app features

Here is the list of some features that over 3 platforms they are user panel, admin platform, and driver platform.

1. User Panel

  • Secure and easy payment login/ sign-up procedure with social media integration.
  • Selection and details of the car.
  • Details of the driver with valid photo ID’s like license.
  • Scheduling a car.
  • Instant car booking features
  • Push notifications
  • Fare estimation for the respective rides.
  • Live car tracking with GPS and other security features.
  • One tap booking management, cancel, and book on a single tap.
  • Rewards and discount offer for specific customers.
  • Integrated payment gateway with an instant digital invoice.
  • Ratings and reviews

2. Admin Panel

  • Interactive dashboard with the overall monitoring of the trips.
  • Easy driver interaction and management.
  • Active customer support and organization.
  • Management for discounts and coupons.
  • Ride monitoring and management.
  • Report and analysis.
  • Fare and integrated payment management.

3. Driver Panel

  • Secured login procedure after verification of the necessary documents like driving license and photos.
  • Management of the booking request
  • Complete trip details on the go.
  • Accepting and verifying payments.
  • Driver dashboard for better management of trips and customers.
  • Ride history and fare history.
  • Driver support throughout.

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Cost of making a car rental app

Developing the car rental management system is not an easy task it requires a lot of expertise and time. Car rental app development cost depends on various factors like the number of platforms you want it to be built on, how efficient you want to make the app, and many other features.

The pricing of the car rental app development also depends on which mobile app developer you hire and the expertise of the company. So, a rough cost of making a car rental app is approximate $15999 to $19500.

Again this is just a rough estimate of the app development, the actual cost of developing a car rental app may vary according to your requirements.

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Final words

Starting a new car rental business or a car rental startup is always favorable and a unique idea to start. As this is a trending business idea so it will gain you quick success as many companies are already running it successfully. Now it’s time for you to look forward to implementing your idea to reality by hiring mobile app developers.

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