Cooking App Development: 3 Lessons From Food Network Kitchen

Are you a culinary expert or a food joint startup who is looking to invest in the mobile app? Then, the app world has a lot to offer you. From live-streaming classes to thousands of recipes, you can include all small details in a cooking app, food recipe app, or any other Uber for food app development. Herein we have curated 3 lessons from Food Network Kitchen app, an online food cooking startup, which you should consider during cooking app development.

Millennials are moving rapidly towards digital services. Be it hailing a cab or buying groceries, food deliveries or cooking food, everything is possible for Gen Z without leaving their comfort space.

With the fast-moving world and ever-changing economic conditions, it is hard to balance personal and professional lives. But one such service that we all are bound to do 365 days is cooking and eating food.

The food industry is transforming and altering as the millennials are now constantly turning their heads to the mobile cooking journey. The ‘I-want-to-do attitude’ is pushing the app industry more towards food recipe apps, cooking apps, home food delivery apps.

Being a culinary expert or a food joint startup, it is very beneficial for you to have an online presence in the form of an app. People are no longer after remembering recipes or writing one, or no one has time to attend a cooking class, the most convenient and accessible option is cooking app development.

Let your users access on demand cooking classes, including over thousands of beginner classes with step-by-step instructional videos. This will bring your cooking business online revenue, and the utmost goodwill with organic audience engagement.

Without further delay, let’s move ahead to the important lessons to learn from the online food recipe startup Food Network Kitchen app.

3 Lessons from Food Network Kitchen Every Culinary Startup Should Consider for a Successful Cooking App Development

#1 Stream live and learn cooking from food network stars and culinary experts

Being in this influential era, to be the best app for cooking, it is very essential to technically back your app. The current trends brought in by Instagram is ‘live streaming’ and ‘influential marketing.’ People rely on their role models, to whom they look upon frequently for inspiration.

cooking app development

In-app live streaming will engage more audience to your online food app. Allow your users to interact and communicate with chefs in real-time. As you are a startup, you will need an influential face for your Uber for food recipe app. Collaboration with a famous food network star or culinary expert will make your app stand out as well as give some extra leverage than other cooking apps in the segment.

#2 Integrate grocery delivery by providing access to the range of recipes

While watching a cookery video, we often have no clue about the ingredients and its availability. Now, being in the food networking business, keep yourself in the client’s show and imagine the reactions. They will either quit the video or will find an alternative to the ingredient.

What if, you provide an in-app grocery shopping and delivery service?

In this Uber like app genre, your app will be a perfect amalgamation of food recipes and food delivery app. Your user will directly engage in online grocery shopping and you will be able to retain the app. For instance, the Food Network Kitchen has over 25 live classes each week and over 100 recipes with an instant grocery delivery platform in the form of Instacart, Amazon Fresh.

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#3  Use of virtual assistant devices in the form of technological advancement

Food app is an on demand app solutions service business that needs a technological advancement. A virtual assistant device like Amazon Echo can add more convenience to the cooking app development. 

A hands-free helper can make communication more easily. It is more easy to hear a recipe then to watch in an app. So it is an important collaboration with a virtual assistant device. Thus, make sure you consider these important functions while designing and developing your cooking app development.


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