Critical Requirements for Building Enterprise Class Mobile Apps that Operate Well Offline



Most people never think about their Wifi or cell connection, until they don’t have one.

For mobile users, having a spotty or non-existent Internet connection happens surprisingly often.
connected as the world has become, places like hospitals, factories, warehouses, and rural (and even some urban) areas are often internet dead zones or weak zones.
So, any developer of mobile business app needs to factor in what happens when
users don’t have connectivity


In building mobile apps, full functionality independent of signal has to the objective!
When signal drops, an application must perform as if nothing happened.


Alpha Understands these challenges* and as a result has put together the most comprehensive portfolio of patented capabilities designed to make building mobile apps that deal with the offline challenge as easy quick and hassle free as possible.

*Offline mobile challenges include more than just being able to collect data when offline


So what are the issues Alpha Anywhere deals seamlessly when it comes to building offline mobile apps?








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