Dating App Development: 3 Lessons of Hily to Make App like Tinder

Being a dating startup, if you have decided to create a Tinder alternative or invest in dating app development, then this blog is for you. Herein we have mentioned 3 lessons of Hily (top dating app like Tinder) that we have identified on the basis of developing over 40 dating apps.

Online dating apps are revolutionizing from “just hooking-up” genre.

Millennials have led the charge of transforming the dating industry and making online dating platforms universally acceptable. There is a successful series of Tinder app alternatives like OkCupid, Coffee meets Bagel, Happn, Raya, Bumble, which are redefining the dating experience. Now, the online dating app genre has become a valuable and interesting place for single souls to meet the right match and get into serious matchmaking business.

Being a dating or matchmaking startup, if you are thinking of entering the mobile dating apps genre, we have some interesting online dating industry statistics for you. We came across Tinder alternative trends on Google Trends. By observing the graph, we came to the conclusion that there is a constant increase in the demand and supply of dating apps. 

Tinder alternative

The online dating genre is the one that has maximum engagement and attraction ratio. According to the latest news from, here are the top dating apps in the U.S. by downloads. The Tinder (more than 1.1 million installs) and Bumble (more than 5,64,000 installs) are topping the chart. Our attention was grabbed by a new app called Hily which has recently made its way among the top dating app installments. 

Tinder alternative

Hily app is a free app like Tinder for young and open-minded millennials. It is a technologically sound dating app as it is based on machine learning algorithms to increase the probability of matches. 

Hily App: Successful Tinder Alternative 


alternative to dating app

Image Credit: Hily

  • Machine learning lies in the heart of this alternative to Tinder app. The app identifies suitable matches for users, the more a user uses the dating application, the more information it has to base on for suggested matches.
  • The most interesting thing about the Tinder alternative is it actively engages users with the application, swipes left or right, writes messages, and sends bubbles.
  • Hily is ranking in the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany. The dating app was launched back in 2017 by Alex Pasykov and Yan Pronin. It has been installed by over 1,000,000.

 dating app development

Image Credit: SimilarWeb

Now, if you are having dating app ideas and want to make a mobile app for Android or iOS, or do you want to make an app like one of the top dating apps have a look at the 3 lessons from the Hily app which is melding online dating with technological advancements.

3 Lessons from Hily (Best Dating App) to Consider During Dating App Development

#1 Get unlimited likes to make a genuine connection

Unlimited! Is the word we love to hear as humans.

Being a dating startup, understand the basic human tendency before designing your app features. The “unlimited likes” option will allow your users to engage in online dating platform. With such an idea, you can allow users to meet their preferred match without any restrictions. 

Apart from the unlimited facility, you can also provide your targeted audience with no charges or ask to upgrade their account. Not having to worry about fees leaves the user open to discover as many potential matches as possible. By such a freebie, you can engage and retain more audience for your app development. 

#2 Initiate a message instantly through the app

Most of us owe a chunk of daily engagement to our mobile phones. The Gen Z is always on the go for a huge portion of the day, now it may happen that your user receives a like from someone he liked earlier in the day. Being a matchmaking startup, keep this important lesson in mind, grant your user an ability to initiate a message instantly on the app, leaving fewer chances for a missed connection.

If you are planning for a local dating app development, as a first aid box, you should keep a barrier in the form of mutual likes. If another person likes back, the option to message back and forth becomes easily available. And if they don’t, well then your app has an unlimited likes facility. Thus, there are no regrets when the users do not find their desired match in one go.

#3 Hacks to get to the top of the in-app list

Being a free dating app, Hily also has an in-app feature that helps users to match even more accurately and quickly. For in-app facilities, make sure you keep a different currency scheme, with which your users can acquire extra features and do not get confused. 

You can include features like:

  • Boosts: This feature gives a user more visibility in the finder section. For instance, a user can boost his account by 3 times to avail more visibility than the free app subscription.
  • Rollback: The user can go back and undo a swipe done by mistake. This is an apt solution for a dating app to ace the online game.
  • Unblur: This can allow a user to unblur the photo of a prospective match while they are in the notification center.
  • Chat requests: It is a must that Tinder alternative app contains chat break-through feature. When someone is really interested in his potential match, he can skip the line by accessing chat requests.

Apart from these lessons, the most important thing to become the best dating app is user security. Make sure you provide your users with privacy norms like restrictions of uploading nude photos, no sketch or photoless profiles to squeeze through without intensive identity verification. 

In a Nutshell

So, after reading all 3 lessons of Hily, dating app development, you must have got a rough idea of what solutions to provide to your dating app users and how to create an app like Tinder that can engage more lovers. The dating app is a very vast genre, with multiple user engagement, herein we have gathered some stats from Statista that gives a clear idea about the scope of your dating app development. 

  • The dating segment generated a revenue of US $555million in 2018. It is expected to reach the US $649million in 2023.
  • In 2018, approximately 33.9 million U.S. users accessed online dating services, which will increase steadily to 37.5 million in 2023. It clearly states a win-win situation for online dating startup businesses like you and the users.

dating app development

Before ending the blog, herein we are sharing one of our recently developed dating app named Swype. We made this app for the people of Ghana, Africa with some seamless features. Mutual connect via photo and matching filter profile guidelines, this location-based dating app is an ideal way to bring people together from all walks of life. This dating app has a very cool feature of “super like” that allows a user to lure his interest from the search options, unlike Tinder that has no such availability.

dating app development

Image Credit: Swype

Thus, if you have any query or confusion regarding dating app development timeline, iOS app development services, how does Tinder location work, how to hire a mobile app developer for Tinder app, fill up our contact us form and our sales representative will get back to you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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