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August 19th, 2020 At 7:24 am

In this internet era as everything is dependent completely on the web, a fantasy sports game is becoming very popular and finding its place on almost everyone’s mobile. As with the increase in the popularity of the sports streaming application and leagues it has given rise e-sports and the fantasy sports global market.

This app is the virtual playground where users can make a team of players who are playing in the ground and their win or lose depends on the real performance of the player on the ground.

If you are willing to make a fantasy sports app or an app like Dream11. This blog is for you where you can get a detailed understanding of the Fantasy sports business.

Statistics of Fantasy Sports App

As with the increase in fantasy Sports trends the report and analysis also show that there is a great increase in the sports and gaming industry by the fantasy sports app.

As research conduct by a company, it showed that the revenue will be increased by 2,174.8 million USD by 2023 at its growth CAGR of 18.61%

Around 65% of the US sports fans are playing fantasy sports on their mobile with 59.3million users.

  • It has gained great popularity in India and 89% of users are playing the fantasy game in a month.
  • It has boosted its user growth from 2 million to 20million by 2018.
  • As Dream11 is the biggest player in the fantasy sports app with 1.8 crore users by popular leagues like IPL and ISL.
  • On average users are spending 42 minutes a day playing fantasy games in India.

These facts are enough to get an idea about how much a Fantasy Sports app development can reap you very beneficial and help you higher your goals and achieve quickly.

Essential Features of a fantasy sports app

1. User App

  • Home screen – When the user logs-in to the app he first lands to this page where he can search his favorite match listings, teams, match date and time, and can select his team according to his choice.
  • Look through sports – In this user can choose any kind of sports which he wants to play.
  • Dashboard – In this, the user can manage his profile easily.
  • Create contests – The user can create his contest where he can select a prize, number of participants, and many more options.
  • Join contest – Users can join any contest with a single tap.
  • History – This tab shows the winning and playing history of the player which he can check any time.
  • Invite and earn – The user can invite his friends and relatives to the app and can earn a certain amount of bonus as a price.
  • Wallet integration – The integration of a virtual wallet for quick transactions.

2. Admin Panel

  • Dashboard – In dashboard admin can monitor all the things happening in the app like contestants, earnings, etc.
  • Management panel – In the management panel admin can he can handle the user and the contest by editing or deleting it.
  • Check earnings – Here user can handle the earnings from the app.
  • Money management – Here admin can manage the money flow to the winner’s account and can also validate the information sent by the user.
  • Content management system – Here admin can manage the about us, contact us, help, etc. option from the app.

The revenue model of Fantasy Sports app

After checking on to the features here are the top 3 ways by which you can make money from the fantasy app.

1. Advertisements

You can enable the advertisements and approach many brands to advertise on your app as it is the most commonly used models for monetization by the apps.

2. Participation fees

Charging a participation fee from the contestant is a good way of generating revenue for fantasy apps. Taking the nominal participation charges can be massive in small amounts.

3. Featured tools

You can provide some attractive tools such as giving access to multiple matches instead of a single match and many other similar tools to generate considerable revenue from it.

How much does it cost to make a Fantasy Sports app?

The cost of Fantasy Sports app development depends on many features such as on how many platforms you want to make the app, how many features you require, front end and back end development, and many more. The cost of building fantasy sports would be around $20000 – $25000.

Although if you are interested to know the actual cost of the fantasy development considering your requirement and budget you can consult fantasy sports developers for a better perspective.

Team required to develop Fantasy Sports apps

To develop a professional fantasy sports app you will need a team on expert and professional with ample exposure in this field. These are –

  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • iOS developer
  • Android developer
  • Backend developer
  • Q/A professional

Final words

Among a high competition of the massive number of app development in the market, being unique and entertaining is very important. You can hire a professional mobile app developer to bridge the gap among users and providers and get an accurate value for your money. For more information, you can contact us for the best fantasy sports app development services.

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