Get Ready to Laugh in the New App Version of the Popular Adult Game Incohearent

The iOS version brings the same fun to an iPhone or iPad. If you’ve never heard the game, the premise is simple.

On the front of a card is a combination of words that look like gibberish. But when said out loud, it matches the phrase on the back.

So when you say “thirds teeth or stay,” the other players will try to guess the correct phrase – Thirsty Thursday – before time runs out.

You can play with a group or even solo.

And as a fun touch, you can record a video of the gibberish and even share it via social media so everyone can laugh.

Just to note, the game is for adults only. So make sure to leave the kids at home when playing.

Incohearent is designed for the iPhone and all iPad models. It can be download now on the App Store for free.

The free version comes with 50 cards. There are a wide variety of other card packs available to purchase with an in-app purchase.

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