Google’s 2nd Free Play Days For Stadia Gets Your Adrenaline Racing

Earlier this month Google announced Free Play Days for Stadia, giving anyone the chance to check out Borderlands 3 at no cost over a three-day period.

At the time Google stated that more Stadia Free Play Days were on the way. It kept anything relating to which games would be included close to the chest though. This morning however Google announced its second ever Free Play Days event.

It’s happening close to the tail end of this week. So you’ll be able to jump in get your adrenaline racing in just a couple of days from now. You do however need to be a Stadia Pro member to take advantage. The good news is that you can sign up to try Pro for free for one month.

So you can sign up, take advantage of Free play Days, then cancel if it just isn’t your bag.

Stadia Free Play Days opens access to The Crew 2 this weekend

There are a lot of reasons why this is a good time to check Stadia out. And the most recent one is the upcoming Free Play Days.

It begins on September 3 which is this Thursday. Google doesn’t specify a time but chances are that it will open up sometime early in the morning. And likely at or around 9AM PST which is when most things on Stadia go live.

Free Play Days will continue through September 6. So you’ll have three days to check out The Crew 2 at no charge. If you like it, then you’ll need to scoop up the game at its listed price after that.

The Crew 2 is just the tip of the ice berg for games

This week was a big week for Stadia with games. Not only is it a new month, which means new games for free with a Pro membership, but there’s also new games on the platform in general.

Today marked the early access period for Marvel’s Avengers for Stadia users who purchase the Deluxe Edition of the game. That went live today in the Stadia Store, and is currently the only available version you can buy.

Gunsport also launched today, as did Hello Neighbor, and Hitman 2. On top of all that NBA 2k21 is launching Friday, which is also the official launch day for Marvel’s Avengers and when the Standard Edition will be made available.

With all this free stuff and new games available, there hasn’t been a better time to give Stadia a shot.


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