Have A Look At The Samsung Wireless Charge Pad Trio

Samsung has a new accessory on the way for wireless charging fans, called the Wireless Charge Pad Trio.

You can see the Wireless Charge Pad Trio in the image above, and as the name of the accessory suggests it’s design allows you to charge multiple devices at once. Up to three given the “trio” in the name.

Judging by the looks of it, there is enough room to fit your smartphone, a pair of true wireless earbuds, and a watch. There’s even a specific spot for the watch on the right side of the case that’s separate from the wider portion of the pad.

Interestingly enough, the pad even has tiny icons to denote what you can charge where. If you look towards the bottom edge, you can see an icon shaped like a phone, as well as one shaped like an earbud case and a smartwatch.

It’s a tiny detail, but a nice detail nonetheless and one that will probably be appreciated by those who pick this up.

The Samsung Wireless Charge Pad Trio will probably launch soon

There’s no information with the leaked image (provided by Evan Blass) that mentions a release date. Or furthermore, a price.

But considering Samsung just launched the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, the Galaxy Watch 3, and the Galaxy Buds Live, chances are this accessory will launch pretty soon. It may even officially show off the wireless charging pad at its second Unpacked event happening next week.

If that happens then consumers may learn about a cost as well.

The price is likely to be at least $100

Samsung already has multiple wireless chargers available. There are a couple of iterations that are a single pad meant to charge one device. Specifically phones.

It also launched the Charge Pad Duo which can charge a phone and an additional smaller device. Like true wireless earbuds or a smartwatch such as the Galaxy Watch 3. The single charging pad costs $40, while the Duo costs $100.

So the Trio is more than likely going to cost at least $100 as well. Perhaps $130. This is mere speculation of course, but based on the prices of its other two charging pads, $100 isn’t too far off.

The Trio itself is powered by USB-C. And although there’s only a black color shown here, it offers the Duo in both white and black. So expect multiple color options with the Trio. In fact it wouldn’t be surprising to see it launch in colors that match the phones this year, which are bronze, black, and silver.

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