Hotel App Development: 3 Ingredients to Make a Hotel Booking App

Is it an ideal time for hotel app development? We analyzed the market trends and the answer seems to be – yes. We needed first-hand guidance and so had a chat with our mobile app consultant. Even he didn’t contradict us on this observation. In fact, he went on to tell us about entrepreneurial reasons to make a hotel booking app of your own. The intention of this article is to provide you with 3 ingredients that you must consider when you build a hotel booking app.

Gone are the days when booking a hotel room was a cumbersome task. There is no need to call the hotel and find out if a room is available at a suitable location in your budget. There is an app for that.

Tap the screen a few times and get all information ranging from location, price, amenities, ratings to cancellation charges. Hotel booking apps have taken the shape of a blessing for the hospitality industry.

Just managing bookings is old-school, there are apps that use advanced techs like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to improve user experience. No need to look far, we have developed a hotel and chalet booking app named Nuzhah that uses Virtual Reality to give users a VR tour of the hotel property before they book it. 

Let’s see an entrepreneur’s perspective on why you should consider hotel app development as a profitable bet.

Why Invest in Hotel App Development?

  • According to a survey report by Statista, 88 percent of people in the US would choose an online channel to book hotels.
  • Another report stated that the worldwide market volume for online bookings is projected to exceed $174 million in 2022. You can see this in the graph.

hotel app development

Source: Statista

  • There is a good deal of options available for the users. Apps like Expedia, HotelTonight, Hopper are performing well in this market place. Another successful entrant on the list is RedDoorz.
  • Recently, RedDoorz, a budget hotel booking startup, has raised $70 million in a Series C financing round to expand in South-East Asia. 
  • This 4-year-old startup has raised $140 million to date and has over 1400 hotels in its network.
  • The CEO and founder of RedDoorz said in an interview with TechCrunch, “There is room for more players to be in the space”.

If you wish to be a top player in this space, you must consider these 3 ingredients while developing your own hotel booking app for your startup or business.

Hotel App Development: 3 Ingredients to Consider to Make Your Hotel App Successful like RedDoorz App

1. Understand the problems of customers and solve them

The main concern of any traveller is to find a good hotel room at an affordable price. RedDoorz deals with budget hotels ranging from 3 stars, 2 stars and even hostels. Even you should make sure that your hotel reservation app is an app to find cheap hotels for the users.

Booking hotels should also be convenient. The booking process should be fuss-free, quick and transparent. Even payment methods must be straightforward. Customers may choose from ATM/Bank transfer, net banking, card payment, or an e-wallet payment.

hotel app development

Source: RedDoorz App

The customer is the king and this is why you must pay attention to customer service as well. You must be accountable and solve customer grievances and complaints. Your hotel app must display reviews and ratings of previous customers to potential customers to help them choose better.

Like every business, customer experience must be paid attention to. Your app should act as a tool to enhance this experience.

2. Need to improve continuously

Nothing is ever perfect. There is always room for improvement. Making a user-friendly app to find hotels is not enough. The hotel search app needs to be updated constantly with better features and technology. 

One such advancement can be made by using machine learning and artificial intelligence. These can be used to streamline data and obtain user insights. This will help to understand guests’ preferences and serve them better.

Taking an example of HotelTonight, it is the best app for last-minute hotel deals. Even you can build a hotel deals app that lets users book last-minute unsold hotel rooms. You may also convert an app for hotels into a vacation rentals app like Airbnb. 

You only need to do is find yourself a mobile app development company that provides flexibility and develop the best app to book hotels.

3. Integrate a set of powerful features

Any travel app is known by its feature-set. This is why you make sure that your app is the best hotel booking app in terms of having features. 

Your app should include features like 

  • Search Filters: Users must be able to search their stay options on the basis of price, location, ratings or other parameters like room amenities.
    hotel app development

Source: RedDooz app

  • Discover Places: Travel enthusiasts would love to discover new places to travel to. You can integrate a feature that informs about exotic destinations via blogs or suggestions based on user preference.
  • Push Notifications: This feature enables the user to stay updated about new offers and deals of the app. It also notifies the user regarding any changes in the availability or booking status.
  • Promo code: You must make sure that the users do not switch to other hotel booking apps. New discount deals and promo codes to avail rewards help in maintaining a loyal client base.

Apps like Hopper and Expedia also let users book flights, making them complete travel apps.

Including these features apart from regular features like checking availability, booking, cancelling of rooms, will make your hotel app stand out in the market.

Are You Ready With Your Hotel Booking App Idea?

Hotel booking apps are convenient for the users and beneficial for entrepreneurs, hoteliers and startuppers. With careful planning and effective business strategies, your hotel business can go a long way in this race.

So, if you got any raw ideas on hotel app development, you may also cross-verify it with us. We are a leading Android and iPhone app development company with experience of developing over 30 hotel and restaurant booking apps. 

Feel free to book a 30-min free consultation with our technical expert and clear your doubts about hotel app development cost, app development timeline and how to make money with an app for hotel booking. All you need to do is fill our contact us form and our sales representative will get back to you within 48 hours. 

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