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How much does it cost to build an app like MPL?

Smartphones have transformed the everyday life of people across all parts of the globe. The benefits of smartphones and related apps have made them extremely popular in the market. The mobile gaming industry has a huge share in the industry, with different types of games getting introduced in the form of mobile apps. Similarly, the fantasy gaming app industry has been on a constant rise and no shows no signs of slowing down shortly. With the advent of various sports leagues, we have seen a huge increase in the demand for fantasy apps. They provide users with rich experience while also offering various rewards when they play the games. Moreover, the thrill, enjoyment, and prizes offered makes it more attractive and seizing the interest of many users across the globe. During this time of Coronavirus lockdowns where people are not moving out regularly, these gaming apps have been of great usage. Especially in India, which contains millions of cricket lovers, fantasy gaming apps like MPL have captured the market to a great extent. If you are also finding a development company for app development like MPL then explore here How much does it cost to build an app like MPL?

What is MPL?

Mobile Premier league popularly known as MPL is an online gaming platform that involves several types of games, quizzes, virtual sports, etc. This gaming app provides cash rewards for playing and winning various types of games. This app allows users to create their virtual team by selecting players conferring to the guidelines. They could either play a single game or entire tournament according to their choice. The MPL app hosts around 40 famous games that are played across various locations across the globe. Various types of games include action, adventure, sports, and many more. The MPL app comprises games like Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Rummy, Carrom, Chess, Poker, Ludo, PUBG, etc. The rules are similar to the regular game and a player has to play the game online and win to end with exciting cash prizes. This app allows the users to connect with their known ones and play the game. Users will get a referral bonus for joining a player via their referrals.

Features to be included for users in an app like MPL:

Install, Signup, and login:

Users must be able to install and easily signup to the app using their email or mobile number. This process must not be too complex and they must be able to verify their email address and phone number. With this, the user must be able to login to the application.

Detailed dashboard

The dashboard consists of all the live, scheduled, and finished games information. It will provide all the details about the games that you are playing.

Create or participate in a game:

Users must have two options for creating a game contest or participate in the running competitions after paying the declared entry fees. Once users enter a game, he must be allowed to create any fantasy team by selecting the required players adhering to the rules of that game. 

Preview and assign roles to the team:

Before the beginning of the game, the user will be allowed to preview his team that is selected. They could make any changes before the beginning of the game. Various roles could be assigned to the team members recalling their proficiencies.

Live Text & Video Chat:

This is an optional feature where gamers could chat through live text messages or via video calls. This is an add-on feature that will increase the budget but add richness to the app.


Every league will have a certain specified amount of fees and needs users to add cash before entering them. Even single games have the chance of user winning the cash rewards. Hence, the payment process must be very simple and should not involve any tedious process. You can make the process of withdrawing or paying cash effortlessly via third party integrations like debit/credit card, net banking, and UPI, etc.

Extra Features: 

Some of the extra options are necessary for offering information for users and helping them. Playing instructions, terms, and conditions, rules, security warnings, FAQs, etc would be included in this section.

How much does it cost to build an app like MPL?

Game Rules & Format:

Every game will have a particular set of rules and various formats included. App owners must analyse well and discuss with mobile app development teams on which are the ones they prefer to include. All these insertions must be done by having a customer-oriented approach that offers exciting features for users.

App Design:

A striking and creative UI/UX design is needed for an app like MPL to capture user attention. The design must be user-friendly to allow smooth gaming operations. 

Mobile App Platform:

The development process and costs differ relying on the type of platform chosen by the app owners. The type of platform could be among the widely used Android, iOS, Windows, or react-native. 

App Size:

Any kind of app would be rich if you include cutting-edge features, advanced designs, 3rd party integrations, etc. But all such features would have an impact on the size of the app and overall development cost of the application.

Advanced features:

App owners wound want to add some additional features to make the app rich and stand unique in the competition. But advanced features demand more time and budget and effect the overall development cost of the application.

Developer costs:

Development cost differs across each location and on the proficiency of the developer or app development company. 

Game Application Testing:

The error-free gaming experience can be given by ensuring that a game is developed without flaws. Hence testing phase is very crucial especially for such gaming apps.

Bottom line:

If you are looking to develop an app like MPL and reap the benefits in a sport-loving country like India, associate with a reliable mobile app development company in India like Brill Mindz. They have a team of enthusiastic mobile app developers who will guide you to success and expand the brand like never before.

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