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Software development companies are now responsible for making customer-facing products as well as services to be more vocal. They have to enable voice technology in software development.

It means voice technology actually plays a key role in the growing role of how exactly people are finding and using different software, and it is time for any software product development company to leverage this technology.

Voice technology isn’t limited to Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri that people ask for their own queries. There is a rapid adopting of various voice-assisted devices in the workspace and at homes, from voice-enabled car apps to Alexa from Amazon.

This means that voice as a user interface channel no longer needs a phone of any type.

voice tech

Voice is actually an original user interface. People grew up learning how, and the most preferred method of any communication is a voice. From emails to IMs, texting and then type-to-search, we are now heading back to voice.

Voice technology has taken a massive surge in technology-driven apps. Speech recognition has become a vital technology when it comes to interacting with apps.

The Voice industry is constantly growing. The world is rapidly approaching an entire ecosystem of technology where mobile phones, laptops, car, TV and other home devices can easily communicate with each other through IoT or Internet of Things.

Applications of Voice Technology

In the coming years, voice technology will be enabling intelligent products such as Spark Assistant in order to participate in different meetings, making suggestions and even answering questions.

The assistant can easily record meetings with a particular command, and this particular product will be quite capable of taking action items as well as send meeting summaries and even help in planning future meetings.

Even Mozilla is currently creating a voice-activated web browser known as Scout.


Everyone knows that these products will appear in the near future. It is expected to make a huge impact on software development. However, one of the key aspects that need to be addressed is voice search which is the best benefit of voice-enabled technology.

web development company has to work on this feature to make their software more usable to the users.

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The Problem of Voice Search

The current unresolved problem associated with a voice-activated search that is a major part of how people actually use virtual assistants is the result of one single answer instead of an entire list of different ranked options.

Even though this seems like a particularly minor issue, but it is a huge problem that hasn’t been solved by any custom software development company.

Search result rankings are currently highly contentious, and the major investigations have revealed that companies like Google are now favoring their own results in an unfair fashion. Such issues are brought by competitors of Google who often feel that the entire order of the first page of search results in quite unfair.

problem of voice search

These complaints will continue to grow when it comes to virtual assistant based replies which represent that not all of the results are ranked properly but a single result currently chosen by companies such as Google.

It is where the new paradigm of voice search optimization will come into play.

Businesses are quite uneasy with the power of search engine companies such as Google as their search algorithms actually determine the order or rank of search results.

With the assistance of voice search, these companies will choose only one particular result.

When voice search is becoming the topmost application when it comes to voice technology today, the entire future will be hampered by the one-result problem.

In the case of non-search tasks, voice technology will remain to more transformative than it is expected. A software product development company has to take this aspect into account when developing software.

Future of Voice Technology

We are currently moving towards the notion of ambient assistance where the smart devices are becoming omnipresent, and they are ready to help the people with their needs as well as answer their questions.

There are various systems in place that help the users in their queries.

A voice assistant can provide a recommendation to the user and even provide other related information pertaining to the tasks to be followed to achieve the end goal.

future voice tech

For instance, a person can ask voice assistant for the healthcare professional. It can provide a recommendation along with the directions to reach the concerned person. The voice assistant can even set up an appointment for the user.

Voice search optimization is a particular way for businesses to get involved in is entirely seamless voice integration that helps the customers to live their own lives in the much more efficient way while gaining insight about the user personality too that provide more relevant products or content that ultimately leads to more revenues.

If it is done correctly, then both personal users, as well as businesses, will benefit from the voice technology.

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The Statistics

After the internet became a new means of communication, voice technologies have been the world’s most powerful players. More than 20% of all scans today are vocally-performed.

By 2025, more than 50% of customers should be using voice-activated software every day. Since the launch of Siri in 2011, as voice assistants started to appear, nobody could have expected that this development would become a catalyst for software innovation for a custom software development company.

Approximately ten years later, one in six respondents has predicted that nearly 100 million mobile users will use voice assistants by 2020.

Increasing user expectations are the key catalyst of change for voice user interfaces. There is an overall growth in understanding and a higher quality of community life exhibited by millennial consumers in particular.

This ever-evolving virtual era constantly optimizes tempo, performance, and comfort. The wide use of artificial intelligence in the daily lives of consumers is also fuelling the move to voice communication.

The percentage of IoT devices such as smart light bulbs, gadgets, and speakers in a connected user’s life gives voice assistants more usefulness.

Industries Or Sectors Which Are Witnessing The Most Development Due To The Emergence Of Voice Technology

The industrial influence of this revolutionary technology is tremendous, which is why it is freely adopted by multiple platforms and endless promotion is provided by software development services.

While voice-powered applications are aimed at increasing productivity in operation, reducing operating costs, and simplifying processes, there are several industry-specific advantages to different verticals:

  1. Healthcare Facilities
  2. Education Sector
  3. Banking And Finance
  4. eCommerce
  5. CRM Software Industry

1. Healthcare Facilities

Physicians can use voice technology to gather information from patients and maintain e-records more efficiently and easily. Using this technology in the healthcare industry they can easily also access data from such documents later, without needing to scan thousands of them visually or textually.

voice healthcare

The innovation also improves the safety of the e-records as it will only be available to authorized persons.

2. Education Sector

Another sector that witnessed the voice transition is education since this technology has changed rapidly how things are learned and educated. The future-oriented speech recognition program helps teachers to easily build online teaching materials and tutorial videos.


This also allows students to have easy and efficient access to these tutorials by education industry.

3. Banking And Finance

Voice-activated technologies provided the financial and banking sector with all new possibilities. Voiced word recognition also improves financial and banking activity confidentiality, as it helps to validate legitimate users in terms of biometrics.

banking voice tech

The bots’ function of mobile app development services is requested by most banking and finance industry to leverage voice recognition. Chatbots also provide consumers with a chat interface and customer service that is equivalent to what a human helper does.

Consumers can place voice commands, such as credit checks, transaction data, and receipts to perform tasks.

4. eCommerce

You don’t need to look across the aisles in a shopping mall or browse through numerous retail sites with eCommerce stores. Since the introduction of voice recognition, the retail and eCommerce industry has undergone a dramatic transformation.

ecommerce voice search

Although voice operators such as Alexa and Siri have reinvented retail experiences, online shopping has been streamlined with the advent of voice activation tools.

All customers need to do now is say the name of a product or similar words and they will be directed to the best matching page.

5. CRM Software Industry

Speech is about to influence consumer engagement and marketing in great ways and let’s not forget a CRM development company. Sales of spoken apps amounted to 1 billion in 2018. More than 40% of users create price comparisons.

voice software

Nearly half of them use spoken apps for searching and testing items. Simply put, voice engagement must be part of the customer connection strategy of any organization.

This would also require a deep relationship between the marketing department, the entire sales department, and the IT department.


Voice technology is quite useful in a plethora of ways. It can also be used a great predictive tool in order to assist the user to reorder their household items through a simple voice command.

This technology allows you even to order coffee at any coffee shop or can help you in your travel through voice AI system present in the car.

A custom software development company can find different applications of voice technology to develop innovative software and apps.

The opportunities for businesses are quite immense but only if they can actually optimize for voice search and keep it as a trusted foundation.

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