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Remember, you are living in the Modern world, and people are moving towards the modern and latest technologies. One such technology that has made a rapid revolution all over the world is none other IoT. As you know, IoT stands for the Internet of things, and IoT applications are the source of productivity and time-saving. But like other advanced technologies, the IoT devices are also available with risks and challenges.

10 IoT Security Issues in 2020

Even though many risks and challenges are available in IoT, security issues are always at the top. IoT developers are facing different types of challenges and security issues. Here is the list of the top 10 biggest IoT security issues.

1. IoT Security Issues of Authorize and authenticate devices

As you know, with the help of different potential entries available for the IoT system, the developers are facing security issues in the authentication and authorization of devices.

It is recommended to have the IoT devices to establish by gateways and upstream services for the authorization and authentication.

Whenever the IoT devices are available with weak password authentication, the device will not reach the targeted customers.

In order to resolve the authentication problems, they recommend using the IoT platform by enabling two-factor authentication and the use of strong passwords and credentials.

2. IoT Security Issues With Secure communication

It is quite common that the IoT developers are paying attention to the device’s security, and many developers often forget to consider the secured communication between the devices and cloud services or applications.

You might have noticed that many IoT devices in the market will not encrypt the messages, texts, and information before sending them over the IoT network.

As a result of this, the devices can be hacked by cybercrime criminals. And so, it is recommended to provide secured communication for IoT devices.

3. Secure constrained devices

As you know, many IoT devices have limited or constrained amounts of storage, memory, and a processing unit.

Whenever the device contains a constrained and limited source, it often works with low power mode or running on batteries. If the device operated in a constrained environment, it is hard to perform the encryption and decryption operation in real-time.

Apart from this, these types of constrained devices are affected by a power analysis attack. In order to eliminate these types of hassles conditions, it is recommended to use the lightweight encryption algorithm. With the help of a lightweight encryption algorithm, you are able to ensure the safety of the constrained devices.

4. IoT Security Issues To Manage device updates

One of the biggest IoT security challenges is applying updates by including the security patches. The IoT developers have to keep the track of device updates and check for synchronization in the distributed environments.

Not all IoT devices have air updates, there are some IoT devices that need manual and physical updates. The IoT developers are facing difficulty in managing and maintaining the backward compatibility during the updates of the IoT devices. In addition to this, the IoT developer has to keep track of the version of the devices.

5. Ensure high availability

People from different parts of the world are relying more on IoT devices in their day-to-day life.

The IoT developers are facing difficulties to provide the data access for the devices. In order to ensure the high availability of the IoT devices, the developers should protect the device against cyber-attacks.

The highly reliable IoT systems contain high availability, consistency, and tolerance to the network partition.

6. Ensure data privacy and integrity

Another biggest challenge faced by many IoT developers is providing security for private data and integrity. Like secured data, it is essential to provide security for data storage and data processing. Whenever you want to include data privacy, you can consider secured algorithms.

By incorporating the secured data algorithm, you can provide secure storage for the data in the cloud network or application.

7. Security for mobile, web and cloud applications

As you know, people use the web, mobile, and cloud applications to manage, access, and process the IoT devices and their corresponding data, and the professionals are facing difficulties to provide the security for these types of devices.

Whenever the IoT developer is going to develop any IoT devices, it is necessary to include secure engineering practices in order to avoid the vulnerabilities and hassles.

Like the security options for the data, you can also provide the two-factor authentication and secure password and recovery options for the mobile, web, and cloud applications.

8. Manage vulnerabilities

Whenever you are developing complex IoT devices or systems, you may face challenges while managing the vulnerabilities. The common vulnerabilities challenges you may face like,

  • you have to find out which device was affected
  • what data and service were affected
  • who are all the users impacted with the device issues

Once you find out the reasons for the vulnerabilities, you have to take immediate action in order to resolve it.

9. Prevent incidents by detecting vulnerabilities

It is quite common that security vulnerabilities are inevitable. Hence, we consider it as the biggest challenge of IoT security issues.

If you are working with large scale IoT systems, you may face difficulties with the complexity of the systems, devices, applications, services, and many more.

In order to detect the security vulnerabilities, you can monitor the network, communication, and activity logs of the IoT devices, and apply security intelligence and analytics to prevent it.

Whenever you prevent the security vulnerabilities at the initial stages, you need not worry about managing the vulnerabilities of IoT devices.

10. Predict security issues

At last, the IoT developers are facing difficulties to apply the security intelligence for the network.

Whenever you apply the security intelligence in the proper manner, you can easily predict and proactively against the security threats.

Even though different types of approaches are available in the IoT technology, most of the IoT developers are using threat modeling in order to predict the security issues.

Final words

By now, you get to know about the top 10 biggest challenges in the security issues faced by the IoT developers. Make use of this article and approach the best IOT developer to provide a permanent solution for security issues.
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