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When everything is possible with the Smartphone, it’s not surprising that investments and trading can also be done with the same. Some investors put their money in the boring fund and let it simmer for the long run. When the need arises, they plan of selling it.

But most of the investors do trading as their passion. Also, they take a mysterious effort to manage their fund for active stock trading. The smart investors start to use the stock trading app for the buy and sell option. This article gives a quick overview of the best stock trading app and its benefits.

Best online stock trading apps

Over the last few years, many investors start to use a Smartphone app for online trading. The investors and traders start to release the best online app for the benefit of their customers.

The best online stock trading apps offer a consistent experience for online users for an efficient stock business. Some of the best overall apps are listed below.

TD Ameritrade Mobile for expert investors

TD Ameritrade is the best app for beginners and excellent for experienced investors. The optimistic advantage over this app is, it has no minimum balance requirement and no fees for trade stocks.

For professional-style trading, the expert traders use an upgraded thinkorswim mobile app for an outstanding experience. Moreover, the app is completely featured with important account management features, trading features, FAQ’s, and smart investment facility through online.

Key features of the app

  • Name of the app: TD Ameritrade Mobile
  • Upgraded version: thinkorswim
  • Account minimum: No minimum requirement
  • Commission fee: no commission fee for the online stock, ETF, and other trading options, 65% for an options contract, and 25% for broker assistant trades.
  • Trade Assets: Stocks, ETF, mutual funds, bonds, a wide range of stocks, etc.
  • Account type: Support all major account types including student and education account

Fidelity is the best brokerage app for beginners. This app focuses on long-term investment and retirement investments. Many of its services are available at low cost and there is no brokerage commission charged on this app.

The user can download the app in Android-phone, apple phone, or Amazon devices. This is a user-friendly app suitable for beginners.

Key features of the app

  • Name of the app: Fidelity investment
  • Account minimum: No minimum deposit required
  • Commission fee: 0% commission fee for the online stock, ETF, and options trade but there is a 65% flat fee on an options contract.
  • Trade Assets: Stocks, ETF, mutual funds, fractions share investment, etc.
  • Account type: support brokerage, education account, retirement, etc.
  • Other benefits: Intuitive screen to enter trade account and track performance of the custom-tailored account and investment information.

SoFi– Short for Social Finance for individuals

SoFi, called short for Social Finance is a mobile app meticulously designed for professional traders. It offers loans, banking, investments, and stock trading. It is the best ideal app for investors and sellers. The individuals can make utilize it in a professional way and maintain the account without getting overwhelmed.

This app provides complete functionality on app trading which is incorporated into Matrix ladder trading and provides an excellent key feature for the users. In the SoFi app, the user can browse the collection of stocks and funds they want to buy.

Key features of the app

  • Mobile app name: Sofi invest money & buy Crypto
  • Account minimum: low minimum deposit required
  • Commission fee: 0% commission fee for the online stock, and ETF trade. 1.25% markup on a crypto transaction and additional charges may apply.
  • Trade Assets: Stocks, ETF, and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Account type: support brokerage, retirements, and cryptocurrency accounts.
  • Other benefits: Besides, an integrated leaning source for the beginners, it provides clean and clear uncluttered account details, offers loan products and cash management accounts. Also,it provides a functional sharing experience.

Tastyworks offers a seamless experience for investors. Firstly, this app is ultra-focused on options of trading. This app offers free charges on Stock and ETF trade. Secondly, tasty work is the biggest brokerage firm which is the best in the stock market.

The app provides an overwhelmed experience for the new traders and magnificent experience for the expert traders. Moreover, this mobile app features with the fast trading options that normal desktop could not offer those features.

Key features of the app

  • App name: Tastyworks
  • Account minimum: No minimum deposit amount required. Start trade instantly.
  • Commission fee: No commission fee for the stock, 1% for ETF, 10% for options stocking, additional charges are as applicable. For details open the app and learn more.
  • Tradable Assets: Options for the stock, ETF, futures, etc.
  • Account type: support retirement accounts, educational accounts, international accounts, joint accounts, etc.
  • Other benefits: Capped fees for online trades, advanced options on trading, best trading ideas, huge account types are supported for trading.

It is the most widely used app has crossed several million downloads. People use this unique app for the stock trading used by experts and beginners. This app contains two app downloads, E-trade for no commission fee for trading and power E-trade for options trading. Moreover, this app provides the suggestion of stocks you can buy for your budget. Also if you are a retail investor you can use the stock analysis column which might be helpful for you.

Key features of the app

  • Name of the app: E-trade & power E-trade
  • Account minimum: Minimum deposit not needed.
  • Commission fee: 0% commission fee for the stock, 0.65$ for contracting, and 0$ for ETF.
  • Tradable Assets: Options for the stock, ETF, options trading, future trading, etc.
  • Account type: support educational accounts, trading, and retirement accounts.


Trading and investing is a rewarding experience. It needs proper planning and best brokerage operations. To get success in trading, it is essential to choose the best tools from the internet for a profitable business. Hence, there are many factors you should consider for online trading. It is ideal to choose the minimum deposit requirements with the cheapest commission. Wide stockbrokers offer it for the best business.
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