Mobile games that take you to another world

Do you own a modern, powerful smartphone? Then you wouldn’t mind checking its capabilities to the full. The power of the processor and the quality of the screen – all this is best able to demonstrate games with quite complex and beautiful graphics. Learn more at androidappsforme.

What is included in this concept? Spectacular landscapes and realistic characters, console-level animation, and stunning detail. All this is in our collection of mobile games that take you to another world.

CSR Racing 2

This is probably the most realistic and stylish racing you can find for your device. Incredibly detailed graphics, licensed famous sports cars, drawn so accurately that the line with reality is blurred – this is what this racer from NaturalMotionGames is all about. It is difficult to find a more beautiful game. But the essence of it is not only in the visual parameters – the gameplay here is as impressive as the graphics.


In this development by Warner Bros Studio, you will meet familiar characters from the famous fighting game series. You will also encounter promising newcomers, take part in brutal and uncompromising matches, and enjoy the quality of both management and graphics. It is almost indistinguishable from the console, which will allow your battles to be surprisingly spectacular and realistic.

Modern Combat 5: Eclipse

Our list of the coolest games would be incomplete without this shooter from Gameloft. It is included in the lists of games with the best quality of graphics since its introduction to mobile platforms. Its spectacular shootouts unfold in carefully drawn locations; explosions and special effects will not leave you indifferent. It looks exciting literally from the first frames.

Godfire: Rise of Prometheus

The graphics of this game is incredible. The Unreal Engine allowed authors from Vivid Games to demonstrate amazing special effects to gamers. A game of light and shadow, realistic animated characters, and spectacular landscapes against which dynamic and bloody battles take place. The game’s setting invites you to a time when the gods and titans ruled. And the epic and large-scale events of ancient myths were a reality – you can not break away from this!

Assassin’s Creed Identity

Ubisoft has developed this action-RPG for mobile platforms on the Unity engine, so we have no doubts about the graphics parameters of the game. Renaissance Italy is beautiful – and you have a chance to see it. Choose a class, customize and develop your Assassin, complete missions, and pass the quests. There is so much content that you won’t be bored. Your character will be able to freely move around the game world visiting real places, and this excursion in the Middle Ages will be surprisingly delaying.

The Talos Principle

One of the best and most spectacular PC puzzles from DevolverDigital developers has become mobile. But, unfortunately, it is only compatible with devices running on NVIDIA K1 or X1 processors. Its graphics are incredibly beautiful. And this is not counting its other advantages – a huge number of stylish puzzles, intuitive controls, and a deep plot.

Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath

A balanced combination of action-Packed gameplay, adventure elements, and stunning graphics is what this development from Oddworld addicts Inc. is all about. The authors promise us 20 hours of exciting action in the role of a strange-looking bounty hunter who arrived in an abandoned village inhabited by strange creatures. This story in the style of the Wild West is designed in a visually whimsical, but incredibly beautiful packaging. Download and enjoy.

The Walking Dead: Season Two

This famous adventure series from Telltale Games is divided into seasons of several episodes each. It makes an impression not only due to the well-thought-out storyline but also due to the magnificent stylized graphics. The game’s characters are drawn from the characters of the “The Walking Dead” TV series. And the authors managed to convey both their appearance and character in the best possible way. Play as your favorite characters, feel the chilling horror of collisions with zombies, survive in inhospitable locations. A ton of emotions is guaranteed for you.


Looking for console-quality graphics and exciting action-adventure? Then Phosphor Games Studio has something to offer you. Their Horn development has all the necessary qualities to make it difficult to break away from it. You are waiting for the adventures of a young blacksmith who tries to free the inhabitants of his village, returning them to their former appearance. He will have to fight with incredible monsters and enjoy picturesque locations, solve many puzzles, and return harmony to his world.

The Room Three

It would be impossible not to mention this stylish, real-world physics-based puzzle in our list. The world of this game is interactive and responds to your every gesture. Items are drawn in surprising detail, and each of them hides a lot of secrets that you have to reveal. The combination of a mysterious atmosphere with the quality of graphics is amazing and does not stop. This game is so addictive that you will want to go through it to the end.

Black Desert

Black Desert is an MMORPG that is known among players as the most beautiful in its genre. The mobile version has adopted this tradition – on tiny screens, you will see a truly beautiful, but the demanding image.

The gameplay includes creating a hero and traveling to a medieval fantasy world. Among the activities, there are battles with mobs and bosses, the development of your town, PvP battles in the arena, pumping the character’s abilities, and much more.


Republique is one of The best demanding mobile games that has received thousands of positive reviews. Surprisingly, its mobile version looks better than the computer version. This is proved by excellent graphics, high-quality detail, and other technical features.

The game is a dystopian stealth action game that tells the story of a hacker girl who is forced to escape from the system. As an invisible observer, the player will help the heroine explore levels, scan items, hack devices, and solve various problems. An important role in Republique is played by the plot, divided into episodes, and the first one is available for free.

Shadowgun Legends

A role-playing first-person shooter, which features a cool plot, dynamic shootouts, multiplayer modes (competitive and cooperative). Also, here you will find innovative social interaction, expressed in activities in the gaming hub.

Undoubtedly, Shadowgun Legends is an AAA shooter for mobile phones, which seriously blurs the line between console and mobile projects. See for yourself, because the game is available for free.

Dead Trigger 2

A colorful and high-quality first-person zombie shooter that boasts interesting mechanics. The player is invited to travel through 10 regions, play over 600 military scenarios, and complete a story campaign.

You will also build your shelter, where other survivors can also take refuge. Opponents will make you nervous because, in addition to the usual dead, there are bosses who scratch the sky with their tops.

Gangstar: Vegas

Installing the app requires 2.5 GB of free memory. The size of the game is due to the stunning graphics. Criminal toys are created so that the user can relax and vent their aggression. With Gangstar: Vegas this is just possible to do.

Fans of GTA will appreciate Gangstar: Vegas because it is so similar to the favorite game about the criminal world. Events take place in Las Vegas. Playing as the protagonist, you are expected to crime wars, you will have to hide, steal cars, and even meet with love…

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