On Demand Coworking Space App: Consider 3 Ingredients of WeWork App

This blog includes information for co-working tech startups and entrepreneurs. Herein we have rounded up 3 ingredients from WeWork (coworking space app), which you can consider during co-working space apps development.

Coworking apps are disrupting the real estate industry.

Most of the remote jobs only require a laptop and a reliable internet connection accompanied by a space that has a working vibe. The plus point about such coworking spaces is, they are perfect for working on a project around others, professionals and businesses. And the registered owners of empty outlets can earn their share of profit with such an app trend. 

At Space-O Technologies, we observed coworking space binding with the “Gig Economy.” The flexibility of working through apps is initiated by the emergence of this economy. According to the current trend of employment with apps like Uber, Airbnbs, there are more employment opportunities for part-time or freelancing. Thus, the need for a coworking space application is increasing to meet the demand for space finders to work without any restrictions.

coworking space app

Another trend that we have been noticing is the “workspace app” which is grabbing immense attention. There is a stable increase in the app world, which signifies a very good chance for your real estate or co-working tech startup to develop an app based on space finders.

coworking space app

We looked into the workspace app requirement region wise. We came to know the top regions including New York, Colorado, California, District of Columbia, and Massachusetts. 

coworking space app


During these findings, we came across recent news in the app world, which was regarding the WeWork app (on demand coworking app). The Company has recently acquired the Spacious app, it’s rival which has total funding of $9.1M. WeWork acquired Spacious to transform the empty restaurant spaces into several niche co-working space startups.

What will an individual possibly need, when once they get an edible space to eat and do work. Being a coworking startup, you need to consider a comfy place with good coffee and food, and unbeatably fast WiFi. In this fast digital nomad-friendly era, who will not like the convenience of finding a place without heading out that first morning? “Convenience is the King.” 

Now let’s dive into the ingredients that coworking startup should consider for developing a successful app like WeWork.

Don’t Miss Out on These 3 Ingredients of WeWork, Coworking Space App, for Your Coworking Space Business

1. No reservations or booking in advance

When it comes to developing an on-demand coworking space app like WeWork the key ingredient that you as a startup need to consider is- allow the users to enter the space without any pre-bookings.

Your app should portray drop-in workspaces, where the professionals and freelancers can play-in, meet, and stay focused as long as they want. There are many companies looking to provide their employees with such spaces and are wanting to revolutionize the “work from home tradition.” 

space finder app

There are freelancers who are willing to work, but are not able to concentrate at home or in a chaotic place (restaurants, cafes). With your app, you can target this particular audience, and can provide them with an apt place to work.

2. Unlocking spaces with minimal membership charges

Another key ingredient that makes your workspace app stand-out from other space finder apps- is the convenience of using it. When a user installs your app, make sure you have a very easy sign-up process that has minimal charges for membership. Through your app, work is done easily between meetings or an alternative to working from home. 

app like WeWork

For instance, the spacious app provides its users with a $ 20-day pass that remains active for 24 hours. If a user wants some extra perks from the app, he can purchase a monthly, quarterly, or annual membership. Being a coworking space startup, you can also add a benefit in the form of “free guest hours,” so the users can host small meetings at the workspace.  

3. Integrate a correct set of features

The third key ingredient that can make your app like WeWork successful is the right set of features. Provide your app users with useful features that make finding working spaces easy. So, if you want to develop an app like Breather and WeWork, here are the main features to include:

  • Map integration
  • Payment gateway integration (smooth membership allotment)
  • Community groups (to discuss meeting point or any work-related query)
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Push notifications and alerts (regarding available spaces and new space alert)
  • Visual calendar (check the dates if the place is full for meetings or work)

So, Are You Still Confused With Your Coworking Space App Idea?

Coworking is a full-blown app industry that has disrupted the traditional real estate business and working norms. Being a leading iOS and Android app development company, we know what it takes to invest in app development. So, to help in your decision-making process, here are some statistics related to the coworking space app development.

Growth Statistics of Coworking Space Industry

  • There are approximately more than 35,000 flexible workspaces in 2019 in the entire world, which represents 521 million square feet of flexible space.
  • Currently, the global market value of flexible workspace is estimated at approximately $26billion.
  • In 2022, the number of coworking spaces is expected to grow at an annual rate of 6% in the U.S.A and 13% elsewhere.
  • By 2030, the flexible workspace market is expected to have 30% of the U.S.A office stock.

After developing over 3500 apps and contributing over 20 unique features and functionalities in the app stores, our experienced app developers are now gearing up for machine learning and AI-based applications with an advanced set of features to ace in the mobile app development world.

In case, if you have any confusion or query regarding how much does it cost to create app like WeWork, app development timeline to make space finder app, cost of a full stack developer, simply fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will get in touch with you shortly. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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