Photo Editing App Development: How Canva Solved 3 Problems

Are you a photography enthusiast? Whether you own a studio or you are someone with an idea of photo editing app development, this blog is a perfect read for you. You must have heard about the Canva – top photo editor app (recently valued at $3.2 Billion). We asked our photo and video app consultant on how this app has become the biggest player in the game. He told us about 3 problems with photo editing and how Canva overcame them. This will inspire you to make a photo editing app that can solve other problems related to photography and editing. Go ahead, take a look!

Everyone with a smartphone is a photographer these days.

Technology has made cameras cheaper and available to anyone and everyone. So, it has become a bit easier to get into the field. There are a lot of amateur photographers out there.

They have a smartphone or a digital camera and have great photography skills. To add the icing on the cake, there are video and photo editing apps like Canva and VSCO that enhance the photographs even further.

The craze for photography is not diminishing anytime in the near future. It is the right time to invest in video and photo editing app development. 

Let us talk about the Canva app which is one of the best photo editing apps and how it solved 3 problems of the photography industry.

Canva – Top Video and Image Editing App

  • Canva is a simplified graphic-design tool website and mobile app. 
  • The company was founded on 1 January 2012 in Sydney, Australia by Melanie Perkins. 
  • In May 2019, the company valued at a massive $2.5 billion. 
  • Later the same year, it raised $85 million and brought its valuation to $3.2 billion in October.
  • Canva has acquired free stock image providers – Pixabay and Pexels and launched a premium image subscription.
  • As of 2019, it has over 15 million users in 190 countries worldwide.

Mary Meeker, one of the investors said in May 2019, “Canva is a clear leader providing a platform that empowers users to create compelling, data-rich visuals and gain design fluency through collaboration and feedback.”

According to our photo editing app development consultant, Canva has successfully solved problems in the photography sector. Let us see how.

3 Problems Canva (Top Photo Editing App) Solved & Brought Change in the Photo Editing App Development World

#1. Inconvenience in image editing

After clicking a photograph, no one directly uploads it on social media or print media. Before showing off the image, the photographers first edit it either using a photography app on the phone or photo editing software on a computer. 

Most editing tools are too complicated to use for the newbie photographers but Canva is very simple. This is why it has become a favorite among photographers as well as people who need to make small edits for general purposes.

Canvas app allows pros to create a unique design with its blank canvas while beginners may use any of their 60,000 free templates created by professional designers. The user can upload any picture from the device or from the Canva’s library of premium photos and illustrations.

Using this photo editor app, users can also easily apply filters, adjust brightness, add a vignette among other editing tools. To make it even more interesting, users may add text to the photos. Users can choose from over 700 font options, change the size, color, spacing, and position.

photo editing app development

Image Credit: Canva App

In the same way, you can think of the problems that users are facing while editing their pictures or photos and try to solve those problems through your photo editing app.

#2. Issues with resizing while creating social media posts 

Every social media platform has a different format and size. Every pic editor app does not support every format. This way users need to have a separate app for a separate social media platform. This is quite cumbersome.

Canva supports various different formats and has canvases of different sizes. Canva makes sure that no matter which social network the user uses, they can create attractive graphics.

Users can easily edit their Instagram stories, in fact, they can also create story highlights using this app. Not just Instagram, users may create Facebook posts and covers. They can also design Twitter banners and Youtube thumbnails.

What’s more? The Canva app also has social media integration like Instagram, Whatsapp, email or the users can save their artwork in their device. Like Canva, observe different problems that photographers, designers, and general people face when it comes to picture editing and bring the solution through the mobile app for photo editing. 

#3 Difficulty in editing pictures for general purposes

There are many users that use photo editor apps to make banners, posters, cards, logos, collages, and other stuff for social media or other use.

Generally, one photo editing app is there for a single purpose. This makes handling of all such images difficult. Canva app replaces multiple apps and lets the users design and create everything they want.

Users can make e-invites (for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, opening ceremonies), photo collages, or posters for any event. Also, create a logo, book cover, blog design for any project, marketing.

photo editing app development

Image Credit: Canva App

Moreover, users can create and design motivational quotes, (more recently) humorous memes,  brochure, resume, presentation, promo posters using Canva. 

Basically, Canva covers business requirements, social media, school work as well as event marketing purposes.

Start Clicking!

Over 1 trillion photographs clicked in 2018, and this number is set to increase in 2019 and 2020. You can become a complete insider with photo editing apps. 

Art has no limits and this is why the field of Photography can have innumerable ideas. If you have an idea to develop an app for photo editing, feel free to share it with us. We are a mobile app development company with experience in feature-rich video and photo apps.

When you plan to make a photo editing app, make sure you include advanced and unique features to stand out in the crowd. Also, make sure you have proper monetization strategies as it all comes down to profits at the end.

If you have any doubts about photo editing app development cost, hiring photo editing app developers, or making an Android app or iPhone app in general, you may contact us. You can also avail of a 30-min free consultation with our technical expert. 

All you need to do is drop your email id in the Contact Us form given in the footer and one of our sales representatives will get back to you within 48 hours.

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