Put Down Your Phone & Video Call On Your Android TV With Google Duo

Google Duo is coming to Android TV soon, the company has reportedly announced. A screenshot shared alongside the announcement reveals that it will even hold to a similar UI. At least in-call. There, the streaming video that’s being received will fill the majority of the screen. A thumbnail of the streamed-out feed will show in the bottom-left-hand corner.

The company indicates that group calls will also be possible, allowing for larger meetings. So that will most likely work exactly how the other app-variants of the service do too.

Wait! How does Google Duo on Android TV work without a phone for a camera?

Now, the overwhelming majority of televisions — Android TV or not — don’t have cameras on them. That presents a bit of a puzzle, at least at the surface, regarding how this feature will work on the platform. But Google is sidestepping the issue entirely by allowing users to connect on USB accessory. In this case, a camera.

That means that, in effect, users will be able to just pick up whatever camera they want. Whether that’s a budget-friendly HD camera or a high-end webcam meant for studio-style streaming. Google hasn’t detailed any limitations to that. Presumably it will simply need to be an Android-friendly plug-n-play camera.

When can you start using this?

While Google has given a fairly good description of how Google Duo on Android TV will work, its timeframe is a bit foggy. The search giant says that the app will land sometime over the “coming weeks.”

That will also be as a “Beta” build. So it’s equally unclear whether or not the app will be available for everybody right out of the gate.

Google isn’t giving away any details about what the app will look like or if it will offer all of the same features as the Android app either. The company has launched Duo on smart displays recently. And it’s spent a good deal of effort on bringing AR effects across the board. That all should be intact but hasn’t been specified. Ideally, Google will kick off at least a few other novelties at the same time. But that’s all still unknown as of this writing.

google duo android tv from Google
In-call, Google Duo on Android TV will appear consistently to how every other platform does.

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