Real Estate App Development: 3 Lessons From Zillow For Startups

Are you planning to create a platform for real estate agents and buyers? We have a convenient option in the form of a real estate app or housing rental app which in today’s digital era can reach to millions of people looking to buy a house or a property, and can eliminate the in-between broker’s hassle. Herein we have curated 3 lessons of Zillow (best housing rental app) which has been topping the app downloads with more than 7,69,000 installs in 2019. So, consider these 3 lessons during real estate app development. 

With most of the information available through mobile apps, consumers are getting more addicted to handsets. No one is willing to walk the traditional path again whether it is to buy groceries or to hail a cab or to roam for buying a house. 

Who would go through the pain of finding the real estate agents or house brokers in yellow pages or surf online websites? Now, people turn their ears more towards the word ‘apps’ and are more familiar to use one too. Thus, to avoid all the hassle of agents finding users and vice versa, brokerage problems, property management, payment mishaps, it is apt that your real estate app becomes a one-stop solution for all the property-related problems.

Let’s have a look at the market statistics of the real estate industry before hopping on the top real estate app Zillow and its lessons.   

Industry Insights of Real Estate Market

  • According to the news by Grand View Research, the global real estate market is expected to generate a revenue of  USD 4,263.7 billion by 2025.

real estate app development

  • If you are planning to develop the best real estate mobile app, you need to know which countries are having a wider user for such apps. Indonesia, Columbia, Philippines, UAE, Thailand, Morocco, Germany, France. These are the countries that have the highest scope for online rental applications.

Now, after looking at the scope of the real estate business and market revenue, let’s discuss the success of the Zillow app. This app is very popular and is among the best housing rental apps that have maximum downloads in real estate and rental apps in the U.S.A for September 2019. 

  • As per the news from Sensor Tower, the Zillow app is downloaded more than 7,69,000 times. 

real estate app development

  • Zillow app is further accompanied by Realtor with more than 390,000 installs which represented a 17 percent increase from September 2018.

The property listing app or property search application world has its own niche and a handful of competitors like, Trulia, Realtor, which are also enjoying their share of revenue and targeted audience. 

Without doing any further delay, let’s get started with the lessons of the Zillow app which startups can consider during the housing rental app or real estate app development.

3 Lessons  Zillow (Best Real Estate App) Every Real Estate Startup Should Consider

real estate app development

Image Credit: Zillow

#1 Bulk property listing and latest technological updates

Being in the real estate business, the most important lesson and feature integration of your real estate app development must-have is a property list. While designing your mobile rental estate, make sure your search filters show accurate property results.

Property listing search results must consist of budget, types of properties, owner’s name, ratings & reviews. For brand recall and recognition, your app needs to be constantly updated with the latest technological nuances. 

According to one of our app consultants, a user wants to use your property finder app or housing rental app because they are not willing to hope places and take a house tour. To be among the top real estate apps make sure you integrate the latest 3D visualization which will help in 360-degree virtual tours of properties. This will give leverage to your app for real estate investors as well as among the other competitors.

#2 Information about the surroundings and availability of local agents

This is a legit requirement of every client whether he is looking for an office, house, plot.

Where is it situated and what is surrounding the property? The most concerned question that you must be getting from your clients. Now, instead of answering each one of them the same thing, you can easily make it available in your app.

With every property, you should include information like a restaurant, grocery stores, coffee shops, parks. You can easily integrate a map or real-time navigation that shows every small detail on the map. If you are having a property listing software, you just have to convert that into the app and have a map facility in it so that the users themselves can keep details about the places nearby before buying a property. You can also integrate specific local agents in the map for the users to personally meet them before taking any decision.

#3 Personalized recommendations, tagging, and sharing with friends

This is a win-win situation for both the users and the agents.

It is a kind of direct marketing via app. Such recommendations often build a loyal customer base for the apps. In the social media world, your app has to have sharing and tagging functionality, this will give your app digital exposure on every platform (Facebook, Instagram). The users will be encouraged to show their lavish property buys to their friends and relatives.

With their recommendations and ratings, your real estate app development will get its due attention and user engagement will increase organically. 

The app world is known for its individual identity and brand awareness. We at Space-O Technologies have created apps in almost every industry including the real estate app development

Before ending the blog, we would like you to have a look at one of our property exchange apps. Bada, a property and exchange app, is with a unique concept allowing its users to exchange properties across India. Users of this real estate solution just need to list down their properties, be it residential, commercial, and land, in the app for the exchange.

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Image Credit: Bada

Do You Have a Real Estate App Idea that Could Take the Industry by Storm?

With emerging tech platforms in the real estate industry, the traditional process of buying and selling homes has been transformed, making it spontaneous. Well, the aforesaid lessons are those on which you real estate startups need to pay attention while building their own real estate mobile app.

 If you have a real estate app development idea, which you think can change the process of buying and selling homes, you can get in touch with us through the contact us form as we are a leading mobile app development company and have an experience of developing over 40 real estate mobile apps.

For any query or confusion regarding real estate app, property management app development, mobile app developer cost, hire Android app developer, then you need not worry. Every query will be answered by our sales representatives. The consultation is absolutely free. 

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