Samsung Electronics To Produce Foldable Display With Corning

New reports suggest that Samsung Electronics is joining hands with Corning to produce its own foldable glass for smartphones and devices.

Notably, the display used in the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold 2 uses Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) technology. And the foldable glass displays are produced by Samsung’s subsidiary Samsung Display.

Now, in order to produce a better and strong foldable display, Samsung is partnering with Corning. To give you some context, Samsung uses the German firm Schott’s glass substrate.

While on the other hand, Corning is internally manufacturing bending displays, which have been developed later than Schott’s.

In fact, the latest reports suggest that Corning has received a large order from Samsung for the development of foldable glass. Samsung pioneers in the foldable smartphone segment.

It already has two foldable smartphones available for the masses, i.e. the Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. While their next-gen which is the Galaxy Z Fold 2 and Galaxy Z Flip are also up and ready for sale.

Brands like Huawei and Motorola have tried to invade this territory. However, they could not find success as that of Samsung. Besides, Samsung has recently released a new-gen Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Besides, this move will help Samsung internalize a key material, to produce the most important part of foldable phones.

Samsung has reportedly started receiving glass substrates from Corning

According to ETNews, on Monday, Samsung Electronics IT & Mobile Communications Business has started receiving its first batch of necessary glass substrates from Corning.

This will in-turn help Samsung smartphone division to lower the price of displays produced by Samsung Display. But the implementation would involve changing the entire supply networks.

Moreover, this move by Samsung smartphone division comes after Samsung Display signed an exclusive contract with Schott. Besides, the latter is looking for diversifying its clientle for supplying displays.

This client list reportedly involves Huawei, which seems to have placed display orders from Samsung Display for its foldable device. In fact, this deal has increased the market share of Corning.

As per Samsung Electronics insider, the company is supplying UTG samples to a customer. But the spokesperson refrained from disclosing any more information.

The Korean OEM is looking to build a structure that will induce Samsung Display to lower the price. And this can be achieved by producing in-house foldable displays with Corning.

Ultimately, this will help lower the supply price of foldable displays. However, for the time being, Samsung Display will be the undisputed king in the foldable display market.

Samsung and Corning are working to speed up the production of foldable displays. And is  also adamantly looking to set up a supply chain in the US.

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