The Android TV Dongle Price Just Leaked, And It’s Cheap

Google’s Android TV products have never really been available at an affordable price before but that seems to be changing with the dongle. Eventually, the price of Android TV devices does drop.

In the case of the new Android TV device from Google though, the dongle codenamed Sabrina, the cost seems to be ridiculously inexpensive from the get-go considering what the dongle is essentially going to deliver to the user.

This also isn’t Google’s first dongle. It has the Chromecast Ultra. And older iterations of the Chromecast that you can no longer buy. Perhaps that plays a little bit into the suspected cost of this new dongle.

Google’s Android TV dongle price set at $50

Maybe $50 isn’t exceedingly cheap, but it’s not $70 (the cost of the Chromecast Ultra when it launched) and it’s quite a bit cheaper than something like the NVIDIA SHIELD.

Which is currently the only remaining Android TV product that you can buy brand-new in the US.

The price of the dongle appears to have been listed on an internal system at Home Depot (via 9To5Google). This isn’t typically the place you’d expect to buy a piece of electronic equipment like this. So it’s strange that the price would leak from a store that generally sells home improvement gear and hardware.

Regardless of location, though, the discovery is no doubt a good one for consumers who were interested in buying this. Because the cost was expected to be higher. So this could be seen as a nice surprise.

There will be multiple “fun” colors available

True to Google fashion, the Android TV dongle looks to be coming in some fun colors.

The listing on Home Depot’s internal system shows three different variants. One coming in Como Blue, one coming in Rock Candy, and one coming in Summer Melon.

Summer Melon is likely the color seen in initial leaked promo images of this device. Which has been shown alongside white and black options. Como Blue as the name suggests is probably a light-shaded blue option. While Rock Candy could be the name of the white model that’s been leaked before as well.

These three colors aside, there is likely to be at least one more color. The black model. As it doesn’t really look like a Como Blue or Rock Candy. There’s no date listed along with the leaked pricing image, but that might not be too far off.

Google could very well unveil these officially at an upcoming event when it unveils the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Which is suspected to be this Fall.

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