The New Telegram Update Lets You Use Videos For Your Profile Image

Widening its gap in the feature-category, Telegram has now released a new update that introduces tons of new features for users, like letting you set videos as your profile image.

Well, it is a no brainer that WhatsApp is one of the most used instant messaging application across platforms. However, Telegram is closing in with all the features it offers.

As a matter of fact, Telegram has many features that you would not find in WhatsApp, even as of now. Note that Dark Mode is one of those features which was present in Telegram, way before it made its way to WhatsApp.

As per the official Telegram post, it’s now possible to upload and send files to other users that are up to 2GB in size.

Previously with Telegram, users could send files up to 1.5GB. However, with the latest update, file sizes can be just a little bit bigger than before.

Telegram update brings profile videos, mini thumbnail and more

Talk about other new features of this update, Telegram now allows users to set profile video. You can replace your static image with a video of your liking. “Capture yourself in action, or wink and wave at people like you’re in a magical picture from Harry Potter,” reads the blog. This feature is more or less similar to the gif profile photo which Twitter used to offer some years ago.

The latest update also brings improvement in the People Nearby feature. It will show you the distance of any contact which tries to reach you using the People Nearby feature on Telegram.

In order to use this feature, head over to Contacts > Find People Nearby, and try tapping on Make myself visible. The app will also suggest a greeting sticker so that you can start off with your conversation.

Another one of the cool features introduced with this Telegram update is the introduction of mini-thumbnails. With the help of this, you will see a small thumbnail of any image sent over to you by your contacts, without the need of opening the message.

Now, this would be something that Android fans would love. This new Telegram update, specifically for Android, brings a redesigned music player. It is equipped with new icons and an expandable tracklist.

Moreover, a single button now lets you control repeat and shuffle options. Other features added with this new update include skin softener (popularity known as beauty-mode on Android phones), a featureful in-built editor which now lets you crop and rotate videos, filter messages from non-contacts and support for up to three-accounts on desktop.

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