These New Smart Bulbs From Hampton Offer A Pretty Nifty Feature

Smart bulbs come in many shapes and sizes and from various brands, but these new ones from Hampton are something to keep an eye on.

The Peace by Hampton brand is a new smart home product brand that was developed exclusively for Best Buy, which means they’re also exclusively sold there. Hampton is kicking things off by launching two new sets of smart bulbs and a new smart plug.

The best part about both products, is that neither of them require the use of a smart hub. If you’re unfamiliar with the smart hubs, they’re the devices that connect to your Wi-Fi router to connect all your smart products to the internet. Like the ones From Samsung’s SmartThings brand.

There are two models of smart bulbs from the Peace by Hampton brand

Whether you want something that’s more of a traditional style bulb or something for recessed lighting fixtures, Hampton has you covered with the new Peace brand.

Because there are two models of the new smart bulbs in this line. There’s the A19 bulbs which are meant more for just about every light in the home that takes traditional style bulbs. These come in multipacks with four bulbs. Then there’s the BR30 flood light bulbs.

These are also meant for inside use, but they’re designed to fit recessed light fixtures. As such, they carry a noticeably wider top and are more flat. These will also come in multipacks with four bulbs.

A multipack of the A19 will retail for $60, while the BR30 will retail for $65. Both are now available to purchase at Best Buy.

Make non-smart devices smart with the smart wall plug

There are more and more smart devices out there in the world these days. But there are still plenty of older appliances and electronics that aren’t smart.

That doesn’t mean they can’t be. With the help of Peace by Hampton’s new smart plug, you can turn your non-smart devices into smart ones. Like the bulbs, you can’t buy these as singles. Instead they’re available in packs of two.

These can help things like your toaster, microwave, coffee maker, or any other electronics around the home be controlled through the companion app. You can also control them through Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

You could even use the plugs for lamps which don’t have smart bulbs in them. Essentially turning them into smart lighting products. A two-pack of smart wall plugs will set you back $19, and can also be picked up through Best Buy either in-store or on the website.

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