Tips for Writing Text For a Presentation

A well-written presentation helps to tell the audience about a topic quickly and easily. Usually, it is not written separately, but based on an existing report. On the one hand, this makes the task easier. On the other hand, there is the additional task of how to transfer a report into another format without losing its original meaning and make the presentation its natural addition.

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#1 Stick to One Main Ide

Even if your task is to make an hour-long presentation, stick to one idea.

If you write about everything at once, your audience will get confused or draw the wrong conclusions. But you have to present the information, that is, guide the listener through the confusion of meaning in a clear structure.

You can identify the main idea by asking what the presentation and the report are about. Or what exactly you want to convey to the audience. For example, if you make a presentation on this article, it may be not only “5 tips on how to write a presentation”, but also “How to write a presentation”.

#2 Every Two Minutes New Slide Should Be

This advice helps spread the information over the slides. If you have a long presentation, do not increase the information per page, increase the number of pages.

Remember that a presentation is a graphic material and if you have a slide, you can fill it with one word or an illustration and go straight to the next instead of filling it until it is over, as in the case of an essay or report.

If you understand that the number of slides is too large, it is better to reduce the information. If you have many paragraphs on one page, people will get bored quickly. At the same time, if you flip through the slides very quickly, the audience will not have time to concentrate. If you fill the slide with a few words, make sure you talk about them for about two minutes.

#3 Make It Simple

Presentations help explain the information clearly. So when you write them, do not copy everything from your report there. Try to simplify the information. Instead of “there are two kinds of something”, draw two arrows and sign these two kinds. Also, use lists and tables. Information in this form, especially from slides, is easy to perceive and remember.

You can also divide the slide into two parts and write text in these two halves.

#4 Do a Title and Contents Slide

The text for the presentation is not exactly like the usual content. In some cases, without graphic design, it is not even quite clear. Therefore, at first glance, it seems that the standard scheme “introduction – main part – conclusion” is not suitable for it.

It’s a myth. The introduction of any text helps to bring a person up to the topic, and the conclusion at least clearly shows that the text is over. Therefore, it is just as important in the presentation, but it is written in a slightly different way.

The introduction is replaced by the title page. It is important to indicate the subject and the author. Then you can also write with one sentence what you are going to talk about, specify goals and objectives, and ask questions.

The conclusion, as in an essay or a report, is written. But it is better to write it in a list. And in the end, thank the audience for their attention.

#5 Know Your Audience

This advice concerns the style and content of the presentation. In this format, you directly address several people at the same time. And you only have one chance to get to the point, because no one will “reread” it. Always keep in mind the image of your potential listener and write for him: address to him, not write in the third person, use a style that he will be comfortable to listen to.

If you find this advice difficult to implement, try to describe your target audience before writing. That is, make a list of characteristics that relate to your potential listener. How old is he, what are his interests and education, why does he need this presentation? For example, if it is a study presentation, then you will show it to the faculty. Its purpose is to present your coursework or diploma. There will be no need to teach anyone anything, but it is important to explain in detail what you did and how you did it and do it in a formal way.

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