Top 12 Puzzle Game In Android

Top 12 Puzzle Game In Android

I’ve had a ton of Puzzle games on my phone for ages:

Huebrix, Trains, Puzzle Retreat, Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake, Cut the Ropes, Where’s My Water, Hungry Cat Picross, Hitman GO, even Pudding Monsters!

So here’s We piled up a list of 12 best puzzle games for android users :

1.Shoot the apple

Fire an alien thing out of a cannon, bouncing it off various obstacles, to hit the apple. Like cut the rope getting the lolly to reach the frog thing.

2. Triple town

Similar model to 2048. Put down various tiles strategically, when three are together they upgrade.

3. Unblock Me

Sliding puzzle, move the pieces to get the goal piece out. There’s also the ridiculous number of escape the room or 100 doors games if you’re into those. These next few are more point and click adventure puzzle games than Cut The Rope style, but they are the ones I’ve absolutely loved and will recommend wholeheartedly to everybody. Some of them may be too long to finish a section in a bathroom break, but I’m pretty sure they all save your progress so you can continue from wherever you left off, and frankly, most of them had me so intrigued that I played for hours straight at home so they’re still worth a look, even if they don’t meet your goal.

4. The Room 1 & 2

One central object (or in 2, a series of these objects in a room) that you can explore 360 degrees of, containing multiple puzzles to unlock various pieces and eventually progress to the next section. Great graphics, puzzles are challenging but not very difficult, hints are in a series that become progressively more obvious. Buy the first & see if you like it before getting the second.

5. Silent Age

Fan-fucking-tastic point and click adventure game. Great style, unique mechanic(jumping between present and dystopian future to solve each puzzle), decent story. First half is free, second half is quite expensive, so try the first half & if you like it, treat buying the second like a thank you for the first half as well. My favorite!

6. Yesterday

Similar point and click adventure to Silent Age, but 3d instead of 2d. Story is a little odd with highs and lows, but definitely worth a play. Art style is interesting, almost goes for the intentional bad/comic look of the Telltale Walking Dead games. There’s a free and a paid version with no discernible differences as far as I know. That reminds me, Walking Dead is also on android if you haven’t played it. More action/adventure story with a point and click interface than a puzzle, but it’s a game of the year winning series.

7. Another World

Classic action point and click game, escape aliens.

8. Fire Maple Games

Series of three point & click explorer type games where you find puzzles in the world to progress. Short story guides each one but is pretty average, puzzles are varying quality & some make little sense, hints are obvious. If you really like Mystery type games!

9. Clockwork Tales

Another mystery style world exploring puzzle game. Free demo worth trying, final chapters are really expensive & I didn’t enjoy it/feel like it was long enough to justify the purchase, but the demo is worth it at least. I think the dev makes a lot of the same style.

10. Quell

It has short levels but you can pass a lot of time with it. The music is soothing and overall it feels like a calm game, made for adults.

11. Carcassone

A game you play taking turns with another player (online, or vs computer offline) and try to rack up as many points as possible controlling territory.

12. The Last Door

It’s an amazing horror puzzle game with Lovecraft themes.

Honorary mention : WordMine

If you like word puzzle game, it is one of the new and best I have ever played. Addictive, especially the adventure mode. Great gameplay. You will stick to it for a while.We at Unanimous Studios also develop this kind of games for our customers, so if you want to develop a game for your business or want to do business from game, please contact us

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