Twitter Cracks Down on Copypasta

In an effort to reduce spam on the site, Twitter now hides Tweets containing copypasta.

Twitter’s new security policy addresses “copypasta,” a term used to describe blocks of text copied and pasted multiple times across the internet.

With the change of policy, Twitter will now start hiding any Tweets that have been copied and pasted by multiple users.

Twitter Aims to Eliminate Spam

Twitter is tackling copypasta, otherwise known as content that’s copied, pasted, and then posted across the web. Tweets containing the same word-for-word phrases are now subject to being hidden on the platform.

Although copypasta started as a way to spread a message, it’s become increasingly common for copypasta to contain spam. When thousands of fake accounts or bots post the same malicious message, copypasta can quickly become a nuisance.

Copypasta is an annoyance to content creators as well. Users who copy and paste original Tweets from other users can take credit for something they didn’t say.

Due to the recent uptick in copypasta, Twitter has decided to take action on this behavior. In a Tweet, Twitter mentioned the update to its security policies, revealing that it will now hide Tweets that contain copypasta.

On the Twitter Help Center Privacy page, Twitter lists “Abusive and spammy behavior” as one of the reasons why your Tweet might get hidden. And it’s clear that “spammy behavior” now includes copypasta.

However, it’s still unknown exactly what Twitter will consider as copypasta. After all, mobile users can automatically copy Tweets by long-pressing the text. Twitter also allows users to quote another user’s Tweet, which is technically considered repeat content.

Copypasta will likely get treated like other Tweets that violate Twitter’s rules. This means slapping a warning label on the Tweet, and hiding its content behind a View button.

The Future of Copypasta on Twitter

Since this policy change just went into effect, there are still a lot of kinks that need to be ironed out. Twitter will probably clarify this rule in the future, as well as clearly define how it plans to eliminate copypasta from its platform.

Spammy copypasta obviously isn’t the most pleasant thing to see on your feed, so hopefully, Twitter’s crackdown will help cut down spam of all kinds.

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