Uber for Delivery App: 3 Ways App Solutions Transform A Business

Being a delivery startup or entrepreneur, you might be facing problems like invoice management, attracting & retaining customers, inventory management, payroll issues of tipped employees. Right? But you can solve these problems through delivery app solution. With the advent of Uber for delivery, same-day deliveries market is estimated to reach $9.96billion. Thus, there is ample space and opportunity for your delivery business to ace the genre of app like Uber for deliveries. Herein we have stated 3 reasons why you should enter the online Uber for delivery app market.

If you are planning to grow your delivery business in different countries, then it’s high time that you invest in an Uber for delivery solution. Now, you might be thinking why? An online delivery solution can bring a lot of commotion in its place from pickup to drop, everything is performed systematically at the company’s disposal. 

Online ordering and delivery services are on a meteoric rise.

A delivery app solution can majorly provide you relief in areas like fleet management solution, employment, organized inventory solution, and no mishaps in payment methods. Managing all these tasks will become relatively easy through automation. There are some best delivery app giants like GrubHub, Seamless, Postmates, Instacart that are ahead in providing technological advancements in online delivery solution.

Being an on demand app development company, we understand the importance of  “now” and develop an on demand app solutions that best fit your business needs. Our team of on-demand app developers has already developed over 40 on-demand solutions for varied industries. 

Now, let’s dive into the reasons why your delivery business or startup needs delivery app and how diverse such app can make your ongoing business. From customer flexibility to seamless online ordering all is managed beforehand.

3 Reasons Your Delivery Startup Needs Uber for Delivery App to Expand

#1 Connect directly to consumer delivery and retail shop owners 

Whether you have already started your own delivery business or planning to start one, the most important thing to consider is the delivery app like Uber. There is no middle man, thus it increases the capacity to deliver and reduces the reliance on third parties. Such a strategy is not new yet it adds much-needed contingency in the face of continued enormous growth. 

Through online delivery app solution, your business can strategize same-day delivery, one-hour delivery, lockers, and more have to be designed around optimizing the last-mile and customer experience. For retail shop owners, collaborating with your online delivery solution will eliminate duplicate handling or avoid additional handling, sortation, palletizing, and movement.

#2 Growing demand for last-minute deliveries

No one wants to leave their couches when they are getting the smallest things like safety pin at their doorsteps with just a click on the screen. With the rise in mobile and online ordering across the industries, consumers have turned to solutions that simplify their lives.

Uber for delivery app

Here are some statistics of online delivery services, which are studied by one of our senior-most on demand app consultant, having an experience of over 13 years. 

  • There is a constant growth of Gen Z when it comes to delivery apps in the past 5 years. Orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps is expected to make a business of $38billion by 2020.

Uber for delivery

  • Delivery sales are said to rise an annual average of more than 20 percent to $365billion worldwide by 2030.

The numbers don’t lie. Millennials want efficient and instant online order and delivery service. Being an Uber for delivery business, you need to adapt to the raging demand and ace the delivery charts like Amazon shipping or UberEats service. The top delivery apps are trusted by their customers because they make sure of delivering their parcels as per the promised date and time.

#3 High collaboration and visibility of the business 

Before thinking on how to make on demand delivery app for your business, think about collabs and online business visibility. Gone are the days when people use to have a traditional advertising approach to notify their business to the targeted audience. For rapid growth, the best part of app development is, it creates your individual brand with specific functionalities to offer your desired audience. Everyone in the app world earns their share of profit, without harming the interest of other competitive apps.

When we are talking about collaborations, nowadays, everyone is craving for a slice of the pie. For instance, fintech businesses can make profits from the online delivery app by integrating their payment gateways, digital wallets, into existing platforms, providing a seamless ordering and payment experience. There can be hospitality partners, transportation industries, looking to tap into the tremendous growth potential offered by the last-minute delivery solution.

Before ending this blog, let us take you through some of our on demand delivery solutions. We hope this helps you in creating the best delivery app for your business irrespective of the category.

Our Accomplishment to the Uber for Delivery App Development

1. Glovo

Covered by TechCrunch, Glovo is the most downloaded app in Spain with over 16million installs. It has received a total funding amount of €152.1M by more than 20 investors. Transforming the way consumers access local goods, Glovo app has made it easy for residents to order anything from food items to pharmacy and groceries to alcohol.

Uber for delivery app

Image Credit: Glovo

2. Jabrool

Jabrool is an on demand package delivery apps solution that connects real-time courier service provider and customers. The app allows businesses to transport goods and other packages across Saudi Arabia.

Uber for delivery app

Image Credit: Jabrool

3. Ninja Delivery

Ninja delivery is a one-stop solution for courier delivery for the users in California, United States. The users can place a request for deliveries and track it in real-time. It delivers almost everything like food, alcohol, documents, flowers, personal items, packages, and other stuff. In fact, the delivery drivers of this app make a purchase for the users and get reimbursed at the drop-off location.

Uber for delivery app

Image Credit: Ninja Delivery

Ready to Take Your Delivery Business Online With Uber for Delivery App Development?

Anybody living in the UK, Canada, U.S.A will easily be able to access your delivery services at their disposal without leaving their home. Eliminating the customer’s pain of visiting the retail shops, making calls to the store, manual payment ledgers, the delivery app business can revolutionize your business.

The most interesting regions when we talk about Uber clone for delivery are California, Nevada, New York, Arizona, Texas. If you are planning to create an online delivery solution, then you should definitely study the audience perspectives for these regions.

Uber for delivery app

Now, if you have decided to expand your delivery business through a mobile app like Uber for delivery, you can discuss your requirements with us. We are one of the leading mobile application development companies and have already developed over 50 customized Uber likes apps with a number of features and functionalities. 

In any case, if you have any queries related to on demand delivery app development, app development timeline, food delivery app design, or Indian app developers cost to develop uber for delivery app, get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will guide you through it. He will not only clear your doubts or queries but also help you to understand the development process of on demand apps. The consultation won’t cost you any money. 

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