Voyage: Eurasia Roads game review(endless car road trip game)

Voyage: Eurasia Roads game review

Voyage is a simple car driving game which can give you the ultimate pleasure of driving experience.

If offers the thrill and realistic experience.

Not only it but the game is so much realistic that it feels like you itself are driving the car. The journey is so, so much enjoyable that it can’t be described in words.

Want to reach from Finland to the Indian ocean. Start the journey.

If you also want to experience the thrill and excitement of driving cars on Eurasion roads and mountains then go ahead and install the game.

The game is available on the play store and is absolutely free.

I will add the download link later.


A map is provided in the game which opens when you cross a checkpoint.

And also a Jeep, Mini truck and few cars are provided to choose from.

You can choose the cars, Jeep etc, according to the terrain of the map or road on which you are currently driving for better driving experience.


Here is the map of the game.

In the map you can see you will start from Finland and via Himalayan Mountain range you will go into South East Asian countries and finally in Thailand, Indian Ocean.

Each time you will cross a checkpoint a red dot will appear at the screen pointing your current location.

And the terrain will change accordingly.

Sometime you have to drive in the dark(headlights option is given), sometime you will have to drive in off-road conditions.

Here your IQ and driving skills are put at a test.

Also, choose the car according to the roads. If you are driving on a 6 lane highway, then choose luxury car etc.


In the game right now in the current version you will get 5 cars, 1 truck and 1 Jeep.

Choose accordingly to the roads conditions, and enjoy the Journey. Cars will provide you more power and speed.

But they are best at highways.


The gameplay is excellent and superb.

It feels exactly like we are driving.

The physics of the game is OK. It feels like we are really driving a car or truck etc. Whenever you will crash or go out of the track it feels the same as in real life.

So, drive accordingly.


While driving among rocks we feel that the mission is very tough. But, choose the right vehicle(hint: Jeep) and drive carefully in One gear and you will cross the distance.

Happy and fun riding.



If you want to experience the raw driving experience then download this game. It will provide you exact and real driving experience.

Driving in night is the most exotic part of the game. So, go and check out the voyage Eurasia roads game.

Here I have tried to provide a voyage Eurasia road review.








voyage eurasia roads review

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