Weekly Roundup: A Glimpse of Latest App Ideas, News & Updates

Being an entrepreneur and startup owner, if you were busy in this entire week and missed some latest mobile app ideas, news and updates that we covered, don’t worry. Here’s a weekly roundup to make you aware of all the posts we covered in this entire week.

Got busy in this entire week that you missed the latest mobile app news and development guides covered by us?

Don’t worry!

We are back with our weekly roundup to make you updated with our covered mobile app news, tips from experts, Android 10 features and development guide. Whether you have missed our latest post on Getaround app that raised $200M in funding or unique mobile app idea by our expert app consultant, here, in this weekly roundup, we have covered all the important posts that have missed in this week.

Excited to check out top stories? Let’s have a quick look at all the posts that will help you to know about Getaround taxi app funding, new mobile app ideas from experts, exciting Android 10 features and a lot more.

Weekly Roundup of Latest Mobile App News and Updates That You Must Check Out

Are you into car rental business which you want to grow like Turo and GetAround that will enter the unicorn club with $200 million financing? If yes, you have landed on the right blog. Herein we have covered important features of car sharing app like Getaround that we wrote based on developing over 50 apps like Uber. While identifying these important features, we contacted our experienced taxi app consultant who shared a list of core features to consider during car sharing app development. So, let’s check what inside.

In this technologically advanced mobile apps genre, one can easily contribute to the ‘economic dislocation’ created in society. There are many problems like unemployment, food and water scarcity, lack of education, and poverty. But out of all these problems housing crisis and poverty are giving space to “homelessness.” What can possibly be done to eliminate or at least reduce the crisis? App for homeless people is the answer to it. Yes, let’s check out how mobile apps for homeless can solve the problem.

Are you a fitness startup or a pear personal fitness coach who is planning to expand his fitness studios? What better option than a fitness app? The fitness industry is projected to reach $99.9bn in 2019 and is expected to grow $106bn by 2020. With such rapid growth, the fastest way to engage your audience is through workout app development. Herein we have curated 3 lessons of Fitplan app (best workout app) to be considered by fitness startups and entrepreneurs.

If you want to create a community app for neighborhood then you must have heard about what is Nextdoor app. Well, Nextdoor is a neighborhood app for local news, social networking, and home services. The intent of this blog is to tell you about 3 important tips from our experts that you need to consider in order to create an app like Nextdoor (or even better).

With every new major release, Google tends to bring new features and functionalities to Android. With evolving technologies and increasing security concerns, if you are tech enthusiasts like us then you must be having questions on your mind. What does the latest Android 10 have in store for us? What are the major Android 10 features? Does the new Android 10 improve my privacy and security issues? Worry not, we have the answers to all your questions, and we have shared them in this blog for you.

We are hoping that you have enjoyed reading our weekly roundup and have found some latest mobile app news, unique mobile idea, exciting Android 10 features and a lot more. However, if you have any query or confusion related to how to hire web and mobile application development company, Indian app developers cost, or how do apps make money, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will analyze your requirements and get back to you shortly.

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