Weekly Roundup: A Quick View on Top App Ideas & News We Covered

We are back with our weekly roundup that helps startup owners and entrepreneurs to stay updated with all the blog posts that we covered this week. From top Uber for x app ideas to food app ideas, property management software to features of laundry app and lessons to learn from Postmates.

Finally, it’s weekeeennd.

And we are back with our weekly roundup to keep you updated with top mobile app ideas from our app consultant, news, and updates that we covered in this entire week.

In this week, we published some of the most unique Uber for X ideas, reasons rental property businesses should invest in property management software, exclusive features to include in on-demand laundry app, some successful food app ideas for restaurants, and lessons that we can learn from Postmates, most successful on-demand delivery app.

Now, you might be thinking it’s a good ending to a week. So, in this weekly roundup, we are going to share all these posts right here and right now, so you can visit all the posts and save some wonderful app ideas to earn millions. So, shall we start?

Weekly Roundup Of Unique Mobile App Ideas From Our App Consultant That You Can’t Afford To Miss

Have you ever thought to start your own on-demand business like Uber but in a different industry? However, you might be thinking which industry is making more revenue and gaining attention from investors. Herein we have mentioned 10 unique industries for which you can create an on-demand services app like Uber to earn millions. Ready to explore 10 different Uber like app ideas?

Want to streamline the owner-tenant-property manager communication? Are you looking for simpler accounting and task management functionalities? A simple solution to all your day-to-day worries is property management software. Dive into this blog to know more about how an online property management solution will help your business to expand, types of property management software, and features for a successful enterprise solution.

The on-demand services have become an inseparable part of our lives, as they are meant for our busy schedules. There are many on demand services available in the market from grocery delivery to alcohol delivery, one of such industry we are going to talk about is laundry industry. Recently, we came across the increasing growth of the online laundry service market which is expected to be US$ 52,688.90 Mn by 2022. If you are a laundromat owner, consider the on-demand laundry app solution to make your daily orders, client queries, all in the sink to meet an apt growth for your business. Herein we have curated 4 important features that you need to know when investing in laundry app development.

This blog is for food tech and restaurant startups who are planning to develop mobile app but looking for the best and successful food app ideas in the food industry. If you are one of those restaurant owners, then here you can explore 5 best on demand food app development ideas for your restaurant and food startup.

Are you an on-demand delivery services startup looking forward to investing in delivery service app development? This is a demanding field in itself and needs a complete understanding of how things work. We here tried to make the process easier for you. We sat down to have a chat with our on-demand app development consultant, having an experience of developing 40 on-demand apps of various categories.

The result? This blog.

The consultant took an example of the Postmates app (recently raised $225 m fund and is getting ready for IPO) and explained to us 3 lessons that you as an on-demand startup or a business going online should learn from it.

Final Say

So how did you find these covered mobile app ideas? Interesting? We hope that you enjoyed reading our weekly roundup that covered all the posts that we published this week. Being a mobile app development company in India, Canada, and the USA, we are constantly striving hard to share the best and unique mobile app ideas with our readers.

So, if you have any query or confusion on mobile app development cost, how do free apps make money or what are mobile app development process steps we follow, just fill our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will analyze your requirements and get back to you shortly.

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