Weekly RoundUp: Mobile App News and Development Guide for Startups

Every week, we highlight some noteworthy app innovations from across the web. We keep these mobile app development trends short and sweet in this weekly roundup so that you can grab what you need and get back to work.

Welcome to this week’s roundup, our weekly roundup of mobile app development trends. With no shortage of app development news to filter, we have covered the latest news and ideas with topics like ride sharing economy, peer-to-peer payment apps, the most outrageous question like how to create an app and food delivery app development. As stated by some experts, the mobile app industry is said to be the everchanging and flying industry which is showing no sign of slowing down for a while. Dive into this gist and you may get an idea for your own business app development.

5 RoundUp of Latest Mobile App Development Trends, News & Ideas You Should Consider to Create Your Own App

1. 3 Important Lessons of VanGo, App Like Uber for Kids, Which Safely Transports Teens

Uber economy has changed the perspective of people when it comes to hailing a cab or in general booking transport means. Being a leading web and mobile application development company, we explore a new niche for the taxi app genre. Our daily browsing through “n” number of app developments, new technologies, features helps us to be with timely advancements and market trends. Herein, we came across a very cool Uber for kids app, VanGo. 

For further reading about the app like Uber for kids, interesting statistics of working parents in this fast-growing economy, have a glimpse into the blog, who knows you might get the app idea for your taxi app development like Uber.

2. Consider Top 3 Tips to Create a Successful Mobile Payment App like Venmo

Mobile payment apps, digital wallet app, are gaining more popularity as people have stopped carrying hard cash. Mobile payments have become a norm and the trend of making payments through mobile is only increasing. According to statista.com, the global number of mobile proximity payment users is estimated to surpass 1 billion by 2020.

So, if you are planning to create an app from scratch, consider integrating a payment gateway solution for smooth transactions. Read the blog for more updates.

3. Top Money Making Apps in the Health and Fitness Industry

Health and fitness industry is constantly improvising with technologically advanced digital concepts. Herein we have curated top money making apps in the health and fitness industry that is widely receiving funding and earning much profit. 

So, if you are considering to enter the hospital and fitness app industry, have good read at this mobile app development trends blog and know the scope of startups like you.

4. 3 Lessons of iFood (Brazil’s Top Food Delivery App) That Recently Valued $500M

Recently, the food app industry witnessed a new unicorn in its genre, iFood. This food delivery app based in Brazil has been valued at $500M. The investors and users are engaging more on the food ordering platforms. Learn 3 powerful lessons of iFood app that made the investors invest in the online food ordering app.

5. How to Create An App [Step-by-Step Guide From Our Mobile App Expert]

A lot of businesses and startups have one common question in their mind that is how to create an app. In fact, we were receiving various questions like how to make an app that makes money and how to start app business. Therefore, we decided to write a dedicated blog on how to create an app that covers all the important steps like defining an objective, planning features & functionalities, designing wireframes and other crucial steps. Know the complete step-by-step guide to create an app.

We hope you got some knowledgeable insights about the mobile app development trends. If you have any query related to mobile app development cost, how to hire mobile app developer, app development timeline, get in touch with us through our contact us form. Our sales representatives will consult you with an apt mobile app solution to your requirements. The consultation won’t cost you any money.

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