Why Healthcare Startup Should Invest in Appointment Booking App?

Are you facing problems in scheduling appointments, checking past records, and payment transactions? Want to make a hassle-free experience for the patients as well as the staff? Dive into this blog to know the perfect solution for your healthcare and medical center to manage your chain of hospital appointments. Herein we have curated 3 reasons to invest in appointment booking app development that makes the accessibility of medical appointment system much easier with a systematic working environment.

In the era of Uber and Amazon Fresh, consumers expect to complete their errands online. Being in the health and medical profession, you know how tedious your job is to keep all the records and appointment check of the patients. An online medical appointment system is the best and simplest piece of technology in today’s app-driven world. 

We, at Space-O Technologies, have already created medical apps like Sight Selector, Inside FivePharma, Conduet-Med. All these healthcare apps are based on training, consulting, managing patients and their records, and connecting in real-time with the clients.

From scheduling to make an invoice, everything should be available to your patients with just a single touch. For better patient experience, let them schedule appointments online. This will decrease overhead costs, reduces staff overtime, no paper print outs and reminder cards. Now, before diving into the lessons, let’s have a look at some interesting statistics of online medical world engagements.

Statistics of Online Medical Industry

  • According to recent reports from the Google survey, people are more interested in online scheduling or booking appointments when they are facing a medical emergency. Online platform tends to grow beside the medical industry, giving it a clear and concise working system for both patients and healthcare centers.

appointment booking app development

  • Gen Z does everything online, including scheduling medical appointments. 47% of the millennials book their medical appointments online. 53% are booked online by the staff.
  • The total market of mHealth apps is predicted to exceed 50 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

These statistics of the online booking system might have shocked you being in the healthcare industry. So, if you have thought to develop mobile app-based appointment platform for iOS and Android, then here are some reasons which will help you to develop the perfect appointment booking system for your health and medical center. 

3 Reasons Your Healthcare Startup Needs to Invest in Appointment Booking App Development To Manage Patients & Daily Errands

mobile app for appointment booking

#1 Allow booking, rescheduling, and cancel appointments

Being in the medical profession, you might be a doctor, consultant, practitioner, who is always on his toes among emergency cases. Now, your brain cannot take all the stress at a time, it is rather easy to automate certain processes like appointments. Through online scheduling, you are providing your patients with new healthcare experience. The patients will experience satisfaction and will continue remote engagement online. 

From anywhere, they can make an appointment through appointment booking app development and the process is stress-free. The user can see when the doctor is available and at which facility, around the clock. They can book an appointment, reschedule it if they are having an emergency, or cancel it at their convenience.

According to Google data, 76% of people use smartphones, 21% of people use desktop, and 3% of people use tablets for booking medical appointments. Thus, you can efficiently create the best medical app that allows booking or scheduling appointments from the comfort of their home.

Now, we are not saying this just for the sake of it or we are the leading iOS and Android app development company, but we are saying this after researching the numbers. The global mhealth app market is expected to be valued at the US $102.35billion by 2023, growing at a CAGR of 29.30% during the period. To reach these numbers you will need a digital backup. Online presence is a big influencer and a brand builder for Gen Z.

#2 Organize your patients’ data in one system

The meeting scheduling apps have a major importance when it comes to organizing patients’ data. Instead of going through a pile of patient’s history, what if you have your own filtered patient track record, minutes from the last meeting, and prescribed medication. If you integrate excellent search filters than the patients will also get satisfied experience. The appointment booking app has certain benefits to client service like:

  • Patient controlled experience

Such an organized reporting can help you access the patient experiences from anywhere, anytime. And you can create a trustworthy bond with them. This also avoids mishaps of miscommunication at the time of appointment delays or advance bookings.

  • Flexibility in communication

For being in the top medical app development, your app has to have different options for communication like live chats, instant calls, messaging, apart from online booking to ace the client servicing game.

In this busy era, no one wants to get into the hassle of calling and taking appointments or hanging up on a phone understanding the disease he has got. Thus convenience is the key to win over the client servicing. One can easily book appointments, check availability, check the past reports, all available 24*7.

Tip: Let them customize their online scheduling like preferred hospital location, time, doctor. For becoming the best appointment scheduling app you have to allow your users to have some specification so that the work can be done fast and achieved early. 

#3 Reduces patients ‘no-shows’ ratio

Whether you are planning a patient appointment app, scheduling app, medical record app, all will help you retain your customers for long. It is a mundane job for a receptionist to call and check on patients for confirming their arrival at the clinic. 

There are multiple in-app tools to remind patients such as direct mails, in-app notifications, messaging. Through an online booking system sometimes people need more reminders, then allow those patients to book in week advanced. The less waiting time the better as it reduces the ‘no show’ rates dramatically.


The medical apps market and the industry are in demand, and you simply cannot avoid being a part of this niche if you are well-versed with the industry and know your technology, well, enough to come up with a viable solution. 

So, if you are having an idea based on an appointment booking app development, then you can cross-verify it with us as we have made over 2000 Android apps and over 2500 iOS apps that are successfully launched on the app stores. With varied categories like over 50 apps on healthcare solutions, our apps have been featured in top websites like TechCrunch, Huff Post, and BBC.

In case, if you still have any query or confusion regarding how to make money with an app idea like Doctor On Demand, the average cost of developing a scheduling app, appointment booking app development, want to develop telehealth apps, build app for iPhone and Android or Indian app developers cost for mHealth apps like Doctor On Demand, or cost to develop an app then you can get in touch with us through our contact us form. One of our sales representatives will revert to you as soon as possible. The consultation is absolutely free of cost.

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