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Calendar week 34 in 2020 is behind us. In four months it will be Christmas Eve and in September we expect new equipment from Apple. We look back on this week which was marked by Fortnite news and cloud dramas.

The saga of Epic Games vs. Apple has been accompanying us this week. This week, we could have once again determined our winners and losers based on the App Store controversy. Apple threatened to shut down the developer account of Epic Games until the end of August. Meanwhile, Epic Games is making a big marketing fuss about the lawsuits against Google and Apple and even organizes a #FreeFortnite Cup. We’ll let the squabblers continue to tease each other for now though.

Winner of the week: Apple cracks the two trillion dollar mark

We still can’t quite avoid the iPhone manufacturer this week though. After all, who else could be called a winner than a company that has increased its value by a trillion dollars in just two years. The first trillion took 37 years, by the way. So our winner of the week has big, fat dollar signs in its eyes, and the 30% levy rule for game developers on the App Store certainly plays its part in this. Our winner of the week: Apple, a US company now worth two trillion dollars.

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Apple cracks the second billion. All you can do is grin, yeah. / © JStone /

Loser of the week: Adobe customers lose their data

On the other hand, negative headlines were caused by an equally difficult company. Adobe has a strong reputation for various services in the area of image editing and video production – and customers are happy to pay for Adobe products, whether they are professional or hobbyists. This is exactly why the faux pas of Adobe last week weighs so heavily. Many users of Adobe Lightroom Mobile without cloud backup reported the complete loss of their data, some of which they had purchased for a fee.

Among them several photos and presets. This was caused by an update for the iOS version of Lightroom. A Reddit user reported that two years of photo editing were irrevocably lost after the update was installed. There are also reports on Twitter of creative people who have lost images and presets.

Adobe confirmed shortly after: “All data is gone. We’re sorry, too: Adobe and its users are the losers of the week.

Who were your winners and losers of the week? Let us know below the line.

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