World over women are defined by stereotypes – Times of India

It’s not just us. Women in every country are defined by stereotype
The braid – the traditional Russian woman’s hairdo — represents classic Russian beauty
Valley Girls
The term for spoilt girls from affluent backgrounds. The expression first referred to girls from the San Fernando Valley in the US but is now used across many countries
Essex Girl
A good example of a regional stereotype in the UK. The expression originally referred to women from the county of Essex who were tough, loud and had an unusual dress sense
Petite Chinese
The usual idea of the Chinese woman — small feet and the look of a doll
The Mammy
Loud, overweight, matronly, black and in an apron — one of the most enduring images to define the female half of America’s black community
Latino Lovelies
Sexy, uninhibited and passionate lovers. Just a few of the terms that appear to define Latino women like Jennifer Lopez
French Chic
Slim and classically elegant, lunching off a cigarette, a lettuce leaf and a square of dark chocolate
Dumb Blondes
Often perceived as bimbos – attractive but unintelligent. Popular culture has contributed hugely to the stereotype — most notably, the movie ‘Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ , in which Marilyn Monroe played a blonde who pretended to be dumb because, according to her, “men liked it that way”

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